Tukoni – Complete Achievement Guide

This guide will cover the steps on how to obtain all achievements in Tukoni. If you’re one of the players who have been a hard time getting all Tukoni achievements, this guide is for you.


Tukoni Achievement Guide

First Area (Your House)


  • Successfully make tea at your house by combining a satchel & tea leaves in your inventory, then putting that into the tea kettle.

Tea Time (Missable)

  • After getting “Leaf” (above), drink your tea at any time by selecting the thermos from your inventory.

Second Area (Forest Path)


  • Pick up straw & twigs from along the path and combine them in your inventory before presenting it to the boar.

Secret Clocks (Missable, Part 1)

  • In addition to the straw & twigs for the basket, make sure to pick up the other 2 grasses on the path. One is green frond leaves and the other is another type of straw. Combine these 2 items in your inventory to make a green bird; save it for later.

Third Area (Cliffside)

To get into the house, you’ll need to pick up both an acorn cap and the ripped paper note and present them both to the sign with a squirrel on it. When you’re using the rotary phone, click each symbol you want (leaf, leaf, flower) and drag it clockwise to the right.

Secret Clocks (Missable, Part 2)

  • After successfully entering the squirrel’s house, walk towards the clock on the far left side. Click the green bird you’ve made in your inventory and present it to the clock.

Rain – Leave the squirrel’s house and walk just to the left of it, towards a dark scribbly cloud. After you tap the leaf by the cloud, tap the grey mushroom.

Magic Mushroom

  • Same as “Rain” (above).


  • After getting “Rain” (above), collect the mushrooms that have popped up along the path behind leaves. The red, spotted mushroom is pretty far to the left, back in the Forest Path area where you met the boar, on the upper path. Go back to the squirrel’s house and present the red, spotted mushroom to them from your inventory.


  • After getting “Medicine” (above), present several mushrooms from your inventory to the hanging lines on the right side. Since this is a substitution equation (small=1, medium=4, big=9), any solution where (1*s)+(4*m)+(9*b)=25 will work. I put 3 small, 1 medium, and 2 big on the lines before pulling the lever by the door.

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