Valheim – How to Farm Unlimited Rare Materials

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can easily obtain rare materials in Valheim including copper, iron, surtling cores, and more. If you’re one of the players having a hard time gathering these materials in the game, this guide is for you.

Farm by Exploiting a New World

Dungeons do not respawn, but surface materials, such as copper and iron, do. If you’re unhappy with your world seed, you might have to sail or run all over the place to get what you need. Instead of hoping you’re lucky, you can just load up a new world with what you want – if you’ve got seed for it.

Place yourself in your “main world” next to the storage, as you’re likely to come back encumbered. Then make a new world that has everything you need.

Note: Changing worlds will eliminate all buffs/debuffs, such as poison.

If you type the seed instead of the random one that gives you a new world, be sure to copy and paste the seed and remember the case sensitivity as it makes a difference.

Copper, Tin, and Fine Wood

Copper is tedious because you need a ratio of 2:1 to produce bronze. Not much is really made of raw copper unless you’re a fan of sneaking around with a knife.

Build a new world with this seed: frvwjPk3k3

Valheim Rare Material

Run north and a little west, and there’s going to be a big copper node. Return to your world and put copper in the box, then repeat as needed. You can get Tin around the edges of the water as well, but you generally get a ton of Tin as you only need half as much to make Bronze.

Fine Wood becomes troublesome if you remain in the world because it seems very difficult to find seeds for trees bearing fine wood. Just go to this world and chop all the fine wood you need.

Queen Bees and Honey

Seed: ht9ApYLnfs

Valheim Rare Material

Run South East maintaining the tree line on your left. There’s always going to be a beehive here (the hive may be on the opposite side). Shoot it using your bow and collect it. You can repeat this as much as you want. You can get some core wood out of some of the beams and access some of the recipes earlier (make a workbench and middle mouse click or chop them down if necessary).


Iron is collected in the swamp and needs the Swamp Key of the second boss to unlock the door to the dungeons.

Seed: klW6PHmPNj

Note: The l is a lower case “L”, not a 1 or I (i).

Run northwest from the spawn point. To stop running through the swamp as much as possible, simply hug the coast or the forest line. You can make all the iron you’ll need for a very long time with 1-2 runs depending on how many people you’re outfitting.

Note the “U” right before the landscape changes from Meadow to Swamp. Take the left side to the north to enter the first dungeon.

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