Vampire Survivors – All Character Codes (Including DLCs)

A guide created for you to easily get the characters in the Vampire survivors game with the help of codes.


There are normal and hidden characters in the game, you can get these characters with the help of code.

When you enter the codes next to the names of the characters in the “Secrets” section, you can unlock all normal and hidden characters + get a certain amount of gold.

Footnote: You have to complete the 4th part of the game to open the secrets section.

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Regular Characters

Antonio Belpaese: starting character

Imelda Belpaese: starting character

Pasqualina Belpaese: starting character

Gennaro Belpaese: starting character

Arca Ladonna: noneladonna

Porta Ladonna: vivaladonna

Lama Ladonna: superladonna

Poe Ratcho: strongestcharacter

Suor Clerici: faschiuma

Dommario: bioparco

Krochi Freetto: accidenti

Christine Davain: crystalmakeup

Pugnala Provola: flymetothemoon

Giovanna Grana: thetwoassassins

Poppea Pecorina: feldschlacht

Concetta Caciotta: ifeellovevenus

Mortaccio: in main menu up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, esc, enter

Yatta Cavallo: yattapanda

Bianca Ramba: carramba

O’Sole Meeo: reset

Sir Ambrojoe: languorino

Iguana Gallo Valletto: waitreaction

Divano Thelma: quandolodicelui

Zi’Assunta Belpaese: paradigmshift

Queen Sigma: allatonce

Hidden Characters

Hidden characters are characters you can get by finding clues in the “Secrets” section.

The biggest feature of these characters should come with upgraded weapons.

Boon Marrabbio: fettinepanate

Avatar Infernas: kalvasflam

Minnah Mannarah: foldinthecheese

Leda: iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme

Cosmo Pavone: lhovistoio

Peppino: pinociampino

Big Trouser: earrivatolarrotino

missingN: rightninetyseven

Gains Boros: highfive

Gyorunton: secondevolution

Exdash: x-x1viiq

Toastie: tramezzini

Smith IV: maybeimastallion

Random: igottagettotheedgeofsoul

Legacy of the Moonspell DLC Character Codes

With the DLC that came to the Vampire survivars game, 9 characters were added to the game. There are 8 characters you can get with the help of missions and maps, and 1 character you can get with the help of the “secrets” section.

Miang Moon Magic: shounenheroine

Menya Moon Magic: youngatheart

Megalo Menya Moon Magic: elamadonna

Syuuto Moon Magic: itsnotaneclipse

Megalo Syuuto Moon Magic: takeashower

Babi Onna: vogue

McCoy-Oni: ionicoionico

Gav’Et-Oni: chevolano

Scorej-Oni: notsureitsthunder

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