Vermeer's Paintbrushes and Paints

Where to Find Vermeer’s Paintbrushes and Paints in Genshin Impact

One of the side quests in Genshin Impact is called Luhua Landscapes where Vermeer asked you to find his paintbrushes and paints.

In this Genshin Impact guide, you will be learning the Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paints locations.

Vermeer's Paintbrushes and Paints

Vermeer’s Paintbrushes Location

Let’s start with the location of Vermeer’s brush. You can find the paintbrushes near the edge of the cliff on the south-west part of Luhau Pool. You will be seeing a bag, grimoires, and many more in that location too. Find the glowing icon and interact with it. There, you will get a notification you find the brush.

Vermeer’s Paint Location

For the paint, go to the west part of the Luhua Pool. Just like the brushes, the paint is located on the edge of the highest part of the terrain. The paint is hidden at the edge of the cliff near the bushes.

If you get there, you will see a glowing notification asking you to investigate. Just interact and investigate and you will be getting the confirmation that you found the paint of the artist.

Now that you have found the two objectives, go back to Vermeer to complete the quest and collect your rewards.

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