Vicewave Keyboard Controls and Shortcuts

This guide will be showing you all controls and keyboard shortcuts for Vicewave. If you’re one of the players looking for the Vicewave controls, then check out the complete list below.


Vicewave Controls


W – Move forward

S – Move backward

A – Move left

D – Move right

E – Interact

Tab – Inventory

M – Map

On Foot

Left Shift – Sprint

Space Bar – Jump

C – Crouch

V – Change View

Space – Swim Up

Left Ctrl – Swim Down

On Vehicle

F – Enter vehicle as a driver

G – Enter vehicle as a passenger

Mouse Wheel – Change radio

Space Bar – Handbrake


Right Mouse Button – Zoom

Left Mouse Button – Fire

R – Reload

Q – Throw weapon

Mouse Wheel – Switch weapon

X – Sniper mode

And that’s all for this Vicewave control guide. Did we miss something? If yes, feel free to share us by leaving a comment below.

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