Viola – All Ending Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can obtain all endings in Viola. If you’re one of the players looking for a specific Viola ending, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide contains spoilers of the game. You have been warned.

There’s a total of three endings in the game. Two of these endings are available by default, but one of them is hidden and need to be unlocked. While none of them is missable, you can choose your desired ending from a menu in the final level of the game.

If you want to see all endings, then you can watch the ending credits of the game. You can also return to the world map anytime. The ending sequence will be accessible without replaying the final stage by simply going to the top of the mountain that will be available on the map.

True Ending

You will have to reach S-Support with all the party members to obtain the true ending of Viola. This will be easy enough to achieve in-game; combat with party members to improve support (you can check your current level via the player status menu), speak to them at any time, and do their personal quests (the destinations of which are visible on the world map, marked by an icon of their face).

Note that Ceryn’s personal quest appears to be bugged at the time of writing. His face could not appear on the map of the world. Revisit the Drum Village area. It’s expected to work as usual from there, beginning a scene when you arrive.

S-Support can also adjust the final dialogue before the final option is made. If you want to see this, be sure to talk to everyone on the mountain!

Ending Choice

After entering the black hole at the top of the mountain, you will be met with a spoiler-entity and a menu will appear after some dialogue.

By default, you will have two options, referring to the Remain and Return endings. Both involve a short battle against the boss; I suggest spamming Viola’s attack spell, which deals double damage. If you’re interested in completing the achievement, you will see all of these for each achievement.

If you unlock the true ending of the game, the third option will appear at the top of the menu. To proceed to the true end, click “Refuse”.  The final boss with the upgraded will start. After some dialogue, one more rhythm input is required. Smash the X button and you’re going to be triumphant! The final secret achievement will also be unlocked.

About Viola

Viola: The Heroine’s Melody is the musical RPG-platformer game developed and published by Jelle van Doorne. The game has been officially released on Windows PC on February 18, 2021, after the early access on July 24, 2019. You can download Viola from this link.

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