vivid/stasis – Story Mode Starter’s Guide

The unlock conditions + passwords are in one neat little spot. Spoiler warning, obviously.

Chapter 1

In order to progress past episode 6, certain requirements have to be met in Rhythm Play first. The requirements are different depending on what difficulty you’re playing on.

Note: Only chapter 1 songs count toward these

  • Opening: Get A rank or better and 200+ combo on 3 different songs on Opening difficulty
  • Middle: Get AA rank or better and 350+ combo on 4 different songs on Middle difficulty
  • Finale: Get S rank or better and 500+ combo on 5 different songs on Finale difficulty
  • Encore: Get SS rank or better and 750+ combo on 5 different songs on Finale difficulty

Passwords: After that’s done, there are two passwords you have to put in to actually start the stage:

  • The first password is UNIFORM011
  • The second password is RECRUDESCENT

    You can technically put these in whenever, but the game won’t accept them until the previous requirements are done.

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