Where and How to Farm Void Traces in Warframe

Void Traces is one of the most important resources in Warframe. This item can be used to increase the rarity of rewards that players can receive from opening a Void Relics. Apart from the function, Void Traces is also one of the resources that are needed to craft Dragon Keys. Since this item is not just a regular item that can easily be found, we are to give you the guide on how to easily farm Void Traces.

Where and How to Farm Void Traces

In Warframe, the best way to get Void Traces is to complete Void Fissure missions. While in the mission, players need to kill specific Corrupted enemies. Killing these enemies have a chance of dropping an item called Reactant. Players need to collect 10 Reactants to open a Void Relics. Opening a Void Relics will give you a chance to get up to 30 Void Traces.

However, please take note that there’s a limit of Void Traces that can be carried at once. The capacity depends on your Mastery Rank x 50 + 100. Apart from the Void Traces that can be found when opening a Void Relic, players will also receive additional Void Traces after completing a mission. In case you’re at a party and other players want to take a reward item from your Relic, you will receive additional Void Traces.

What is the use of Void Traces

As mentioned above, Void Traces are used to create Dragon Keys which are used to open doors in Orokin Vaults. Each Dragon Key will require a total of 10 Void Traces. Apart from being a requirement to make Dragon Keys, Void Traces can also be used to refine Relics to increase the reward rarity.