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Vote for the Most Popular Pokemon of the Year in Google

To celebrate Pokemon Day 2020, Google and The Pokemon Company have set up a poll that allows Pokemon fans all over the world to select and vote for the most popular Pokemon of the year.

Since the release of Pokemon, fans are discussing which is the best Pokemon in the franchise. Some of the most common names that are constantly appearing are the three starters from the Kanto Region.

Right now, there are 893 Pokemon from a total of 8 Generations that have been released. With the incoming Pokemon Day 2020, The Pokemon Company needs your help to determine which Pokemon is the most popular this year. You can cast your vote by visiting the official Pokemon voting page on Google.

Pokemon of the Year

Pokemon enthusiasts will have a chance to cast one vote per day. The Pokemon of the year poll is available until February 14th and the winner will be announced on February 27th.

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