Warhaven Blade Class | Abilities, Strategies, and More

Blade is one of the classes that you can use in Warhaven. Similar to the other classes, Blade has unique features and abilities that every player should take advantage of. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Blade class in Warhaven, including its abilities, strategy, and more.

Blade Class Abilities

Before jumping into the battlefield, first, you need to learn the basic abilities and skills of the blade class. Blade is a class in Warhaven that can react to a variety of situations with a balanced skill set. It is currently one of the easiest-to-control classes. It also has a low complexity, which means that you can easily understand how its abilities work. Similar to the other classes, you can also equip perks to enhance your character’s attributes in battle.

Here are the abilities and actions that you can perform using the blade class:

  • Basic Attacks – Using your long sword, attack your enemies with the base damage.
  • Sprint Attack – This skill will allow you to perform a downward strike in a forward direction while sprinting. To use this action, you need to press the left mouse button while sprinting toward your target.
  • Hilt Bash – Another useful Blade class skill as it will break the enemy’s defense and also stagger them. You can easily perform this skill by pressing the E key on your keyboard.
  • Ox Slash – Another powerful attack for the blade class. This skill unleashes a powerful upward slash that forces the enemy into the air. While the enemy is in mid-air, you can follow up with a jump attack to fully maximize the damage that you can inflict.
  • Block – A pretty basic skill for almost every class in Warhaven. By holding the right mouse button, your character will enter defense mode. Any attacks from the enemy will be blocked or lessen the incoming damage.
  • Block Dash – A unique skill that allows you to evade quickly to the left or right after a successful block. You can perform a block dash by pressing the spacebar key after a successful block.

How to Play as Blade Class

Using the blade class in Warhaven is not as complicated as you think. However, note that the blade class is usually the one dealing a lot of damage to the enemies. We recommend that you come along with your tank to minimize the incoming damage that you may receive.

Since you’re one of the main damage dealers on your team, you should keep in mind that you have to survive no matter what happens. Take advantage of your skills and abilities, such as the sprint attack and hilt bash. In terms of blocking, since it’s not its main feature, you have to dodge almost every incoming attack. Randomly swinging your swords around will not bring you to victory. Get your character into a nice position to attack the enemies without receiving too much damage. Since you can easily run around, moving your character behind the enemy is a good option.


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