How to deal with Legendary Prisoners in Prison Architect

This guide provides instructions on how to effectively manage your legendary prisoners and prevent them from causing havoc by attacking individuals and everything around them.

Preparing for Legendary Prisoners

Prior to introducing Legendary Prisoners into your correctional facility, it is crucial to make necessary preparations and create a dedicated section to accommodate them. Additionally, certain features from the Bureaucracy tree, such as Permanent Punishments, Armed Guards, Patrols, and Deployment, are recommended. Constructing the Legendary Prisoner building is essential, ensuring that each cell is equipped with a bed, toilet, and shower. Furthermore, it is advisable to install secure doors (commonly known as the ones with a food flap) for the cells. To enhance security measures, having armed guards patrol the cell block is also highly recommended to address any emergencies that may arise.

Moving your Legendary Prisoners In

If you have the Island Bound DLC, managing the entry of Legendary Prisoners becomes easier. You can simply construct a helipad and set up a filter to ensure that the Legendary Prisoners exclusively arrive at the prison through the designated Legendary Cell Block. However, if you don’t have the Island Bound DLC, you will need to manually search for the Legendary Prisoner(s) in your prisoner shipments. Once they are identified, you should assign them to their respective cells and place them under Permanent Lockdown. This way, the guards will provide them with meals through the secure door, ensuring that they remain confined within their cells without any access to the outside world.

If they start fighting you (they will)

In the event that your Legendary Prisoners engage in conflicts with your guards, it is advisable to activate the “Free Fire” mode to prevent them from causing extensive damage to your prison and harming your staff. Additionally, there are further precautions you can take beyond what has been mentioned in this guide. These precautions include:

  1. Installing two large jail doors for quick access from a road or helipad, enabling Riot Police, Paramedics, or Firefighters to swiftly enter the building.
  2. Designating the area as staff-only and assigning guards to patrol the entrance, ensuring that other prisoners steer clear of the vicinity.
  3. Erecting sniper towers around the area and considering the implementation of a moat to impede the escape attempts of Legendary Prisoners.

By implementing these additional measures, you can enhance the security of your facility and minimize the risks associated with handling Legendary Prisoners.

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