Weapon Skins

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Buy Weapon Skins and Vehicle Paint Jobs

Just like any other open-world video games, Ubisoft’s newest Watch Dogs: Legion will allow players to customize the weapons and vehicles in the game. As always, players need to spend some in-game money to get these customizations.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, players can customize the weapon skins and also do some vehicle make-overs. If you’re wondering how to buy the skins for your weapons and paint jobs for your vehicle this guide is for you.

Please note that purchasing some new weapon skins and vehicle paints will unlock the trophy called the silver trophy called “All About Aesthetic” and “Re-Wrap My Whip“.

Weapon Skins

Unlockable Trophies

  • All About Aesthetic
    Buy a Weapon Skin

  • Re-Wrap My Whip
    Buy a Vehicle Paint

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How to Buy Weapon Skins and Vehicle Paints

To buy these customizations and obtain the two silver trophies, you need to open the Team Menu and select any character equipped with any weapon. Click X on PlayStation 4 and A on Xbox One to edit the character.

Once the character interface shows up, look on the right side and select the weapon. Edit the weapon by pressing triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One. Now, you will see the skins available for that weapon. Select the skin that you want and hit the purchase button. Upon making your first purchase, you will get the “All About Aesthetic” trophy.

For the vehicle, select any character with available vehicle. Do the same process when you but the weapon skin. After making your first vehicle paint job, you will unlock the trophy called “Re-Wrap My Whip” on your PS4.

Pro Tip: It is highly recommended to buy the cheapest skins and paint jobs as you will be needing 100,00 money to buy clothes and obtain the trophy called “Fresh Threads”.

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