Wet Sand Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A guide to help get the full 100% achievements in Wet Sand.

At the moment this guide is missing one achievement which I haven’t figured out yet it is the single lover achievement. You can follow this guides achievements in the order they are in, but make sure to do every quest you find. This guide will not help with the quests, but will help on getting the achievements and which dialogue option is the best to choose. You may have to scroll back and forth from the achievement section to the reputation section. I will most likely have them as 2 separate guides so you can have them both open at once when more episodes are added and a lot more dialogue options are in the game.

Quick note: Save often in this game on multiple slots, since the game is in early access, there may be an achievement added in later on that requires you to do specific things in a previous chapter (hopefully not)

I will update the guide as the game updates with more chapters.


Quick note before starting: Never read the drowned captains code in the bookcase. Reading it will disable an achievement later on when you get to the first port.

I’m Not “That” Kind
Disable NSFW content

You can do this at any point in the game. Just go into the settings and disable the NSFW content. The achievement will unlock instantly and you can turn it back on because what good is a pirate game without the “booty”

Pirate Tales
Being a prisoner on the ship, ask Bill all the questions

While still being held prisoner, you will see a pirate with a wooden peg as a leg. Talk to him and use up all the dialogue you can with him before waiting for your last dinner.

Complete the Prologue

Story, can’t be missed.

Meeting Your Crew!

From the Past
Find out Olivia’s secret

After the prologue and meeting the crew again, go into the captains quarters. In the chest near the bed is a Big strange folder. Click that.

CCG player
Guess the cards in the game with Olivia

This is just a simple Match 2 card game. They give you a good enough time limit for the amount of cards, but just incase make sure to save here incase you fail. Once you win, the achievement will unlock instantly.

Sharp Shooter
Beat Anna in shooting without misses

This one may take you a few tries. Make sure to save before you start the shooting scene since the mini-game still continues on while in the pause menu. You can not miss any shots and must hit all the plates. If you fail, just load up the save you have just before the shooting game.

Learn how to sail the ship by proving it to Lauren

Another simple mini-game. Just keep the arrow inside the blue. Save before you start this also just incase.

Kvilleten + Leaving on Ship

Natural Born Captain
Correctly answer all the tavern keeper questions without reading the code

If you read the drowned captains code in the captains quarters, then you will have to restart the game or load an earlier save. If not, here is the answers to the Innkeepers Questions at the port of Kvilleteen. The answers are Bolded and Underlined and have *** next to it. Each crew member should make an effort in getting the loot, that gives him an opportunity to get his fair share.

  • Truth ***
  • Lie

Captain gets the same share as his crew memebrs.

  • Truth
  • Lie ***

Drinking on a ship is restricted.

  • Truth
  • Lie ***

It is forbidden to rob people in the port, only on the water.

  • Truth ***
  • Lie

If the crew finds a person who is marooned, on a lonely boat or unconscious in the water, they must leave him be.

  • Truth
  • Lie ***

Big Mommy
Choose chat with Nadia instead of brothel services

When you go to hide in the brothel you will have 2 choices. For this achievement, you will miss out on a NSFW with a blue haired girl. So save before making this choice if you want to see it.

  • I need a company (50 gold)
  • Chat with her

Choose to chat with her.

Spank a girl

After doing the quest for getting Olivias Hat (and maybe the quest for giving her the letter), head down into the hold and through the door. A small scene will play. Save here as it gives bad rep with Olivia. After you save, slap her and let the rest of the scene play out until the achievement unlocks then reload the save and go with the other option.

People Person
Finish the first chapter with a good relationship with all your crew

Head to the Reputation Guide and follow the reps you want so you don’t have anyone as a negative score in your reps

Behind the Locked Door

Mysterious Stranger
Meet Tovenaar

This will unlock as you progress the story

Warm Embrace
Get to know Anna better

Anna will come to you in your quarters to talk about the Elf. You will need AT LEAST 4 Hearts for Anna to get this achievement. If you don’t have 4 hearts, You can check out the Reputation Guide and focus on her. If you have the required hearts choose “My Decisions are not discussed.”

First Date
Kiss Olivia

Just like Anna above, you will need 3 hearts for this decision. When you are talking to her about the elf, there will be an option for “How about dinner with the captain”. Choose that and later on in the night you will have a date and an achievement


Risk? I Like Risk!

When on the island, you are presented with the options “We are not alone here” and “There was nothing else”
Save the game then choose There was nothing else then reload and pick the other option for an achievement later to never lie.

Little Pigeons Can Carry Great Messages
Find out a little secret

This will automatically unlock when you go to check on Benno and Olivia on the island

Bad Carepenter
Bring Bill and bag of guano

When helping Fabian for the first time on the Island, Choose “Agree”. He will give you a sack of guano. Go back to the ship and hand it to Bill.


Sweet Kiss
Spend the evening with Aquanite

Off on the Rocky Beach of is a mermaid. She will ask you some riddles. These are the answers. After you answer them all correctly, choose to continue the kiss.

You stick your poles inside me. You tie me down to get me up. I get wet before you do. What am I?
A snail
A tent
A wench

Above the knee, below the belly button, a hole so big it could fit your hand. What could it be, huh?
A ♥♥♥♥
A hole in my torn pants
A pocket

What does a bride get on her wedding day that’s long and sometimes hard?
A new last name
A groom’s salary
A ♥♥♥♥!

What does a woman have two of that a cow has four of?
Stomach compartments

Before you start using, it hangs, when you use it, it stands, after you use it, it’s wet. It’s…
A ♥♥♥♥
A snail in the wind

You can use me to say hello, and to say goodbye. I’m no good when I’m too dry, I can be quick or I can be slow. What am I?
A ♥♥♥♥?
A kiss?

Follow the Elf

In the evening, go to the Distant Beach and choose to watch

Stranded Day 2

Almost Russian Roulette

You need to have done the Warm Embrace Achievement before going for this (the one to romance Anna)

  • Choose the options when playing Russian Roulette with Anna
  • Gun with engraving
  • Short gun
  • Shoot in the air

Win for the first time in “Tailwind”

Save before starting this game just incase you lose. You can always just reload that save. Unfortunately I don’t have any tips because it will be mostly RNG but I won by mostly choosing only attacks and giving myself health, while avoiding all the other stuff when it’s possible

Painter with the Stress on “Pain”
Draw Miss Brown

Olivia will ask you to draw her when you say you’re a painter, If you fail, there is a retry button. I got this achievement by doing it in this order.

  • Erotic
  • Waste no time
  • Draw fast and sloppy
  • Draw slowly and in great detail x2

One More Time?
See Benno’s Beauty

Head to the rocky beach where Benno is and choose to spectate then continue watching. (The other option to walk up to her might work also but I already got the achievement the other way so there is no way to test it for me unless someone wants to do that for me)

Luck or Memory?
Finish the maze in any way

If you fail the maze in the cave a few times, there will be an auto-win button. Don’t worry about wasting your energy because there is no fail here, it just sends you back to the start. I recommend following this Guided Map written by かわいいアニメキティ to find the items just incase for future updates if it’s needed, but atm none are

Sticky Encounter
Meet a cave dweller

This achievement doesn’t unlock by just meeting her, you need to also be intimate with the cave dweller. So when you meet her try to talk to the slim girl and choose all these options when playing the game with her. It shouldn’t be randomized, if it is please let me know and also make sure to open a notepad to just write down each answer unless you have an amazing memory.

  • Banana
  • Coin
  • Hat
  • Dice
  • Dagger
  • Fish
  • Pistol
  • Yes

Honesty is the Mark of a Man
Don’t lie once during your time on the island

When you first landed on the Island, you should tell the crew that “We are not alone”, then later on after the cave section of the game tell them truth about what’s inside the cave

Stranded Day 3

What a Story!
Learn from Tovenaar about the history of the world

Back on your ship the next day after the cave and celebration party, Tovenaar will ask if you want to hear about the artifacts. Have her “Tell the whole story”

Strong Grip
Let Lauren please you

Save Here because there are two achievements here.
Lauren will come to your cabin after the story. Invite her in (2 Hearts is required)

Take advantage of the moment

Load the game and then choose the other option to “Remain Silent”. She will leave and there will be a surprise near a hole. Yes put your ♥♥♥♥ in that hole for this achievement. I recommend also choosing one of these 2 options whichever you want to advance the story with. Again, since the game is in Early Access, there is no telling what each might lead to

That’s the Killer!
Find out who poisoned Brand

This will unlock after the argument between Olivia and Anna. Story Mode Achievement

The End?
Stay within a hair’s breath of death

This is another story mode achievement and will unlock when you finish this new Update. You can win or lose the ship battle it doesn’t matter. I saved and made sure to win personally just incase for future updates

Single Lover
Choosing the same girl during the last night out, who to sleep with on the beach and in dialog with Philipp


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