Game of Thrones Jon Snow Season 8 Episode 3

What Did Jon Snow Screamed During The Battle of Winterfell in GOT Season 8 Episode 3?

While everyone thinks that Jon Snow has pointlessly screamed at the undead dragon and dubbed him as an idiot, there’s apparently a reason why he did that and he actually said something while shouting in front of the ice dragon. If you’re wondering what Jon Snow actually shouted, this article will answer that question.

Before we start, please be reminded that this post contains spoilers from the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3, and if you haven’t watched it yet, then it’s your choice if you want to get spoiled or not. Without further ado, let’s dive into the discussion.

As mentioned, Jon Snow did not show himself in front of the undead dragon and just pointlessly scream. There’s a reason why he did it. It is because he wanted to distract the dragon who is currently guarding the entrance where the Bran and the Night King is located.

The distracted dragon loses its attention to Arya which allow her to pass through. If you’re focused watching that scene, you may have noticed the White Walker’s hair moves. It was Arya who produces the wind when she silently passed the White Walkers. After passing the White Walkers, her shadow slowly appears from the background to go for a kill.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Season 8 Episode 3

Now, for the main question, what did Jon Snow actually screamed while he’s facing the undead dragon. Rewinding the scene, Jon Snow is shouting “Goooo! Go! Go!” to Arya. Jon Snow is prepared to face his death while doing this since it is still not guaranteed if Arya can kill the Night King. Fortunately, Arya did it and they survived and won the battle.

Still not convinced? You can watch the replay below:

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