What if Itachi Didn’t Abandon Sasuke Uchiha in the Konoha Village?

We saw what happened to Sasuke when he decided to follow the path of revenge, but what would happen to him if Itachi didn’t leave him?

Sasuke is certainly one of the characters with one of the biggest constructions in the Naruto storyline. At first, he just seemed to be a quiet boy, who didn’t really like interacting with others. Later, it is revealed that Sasuke has a clear goal in mind: to kill the one who killed his family.

Just like Naruto, Sasuke is an orphan, but unlike him, he got to know his parents. Itachi, his older brother, murdered his family at the behest of Konoha’s high echelon, but the reasons behind this genocide until then were a mystery.

Sasuke grew up unhappy, sought revenge on his brother, and managed to kill him. But what if Itachi had completed the genocide; however, do not abandon Sasuke, stay with him, what would happen?

He would not be a rival to Naruto

Naruto vs Sasuke

In the beginning, Naruto was not a threat that Sasuke had to worry about. However, as the level of Uzumaki was increasing, Sasuke realized that he needed to become stronger to keep up with him and therefore evolved together.

In this, they both created a power rivalry that lasted for years. If Sasuke had Itachi, he would not worry so much about Naruto, after all, he could evolve together with his brother. In a way, Sasuke created a bond with Naruto even more brotherly than with Itachi.

He wouldn’t go after revenge

Sasuke vs Itachi

What motivated Sasuke Uchiha to follow the dark path was what Itachi did against his clan. For years, he followed obscurity and hurt many who got in his way.

If Itachi had simply stayed with Sasuke, he would explain the reasons that led him to do what he did and his brother would not be so angry.

He would not abandon Konoha Village

Sasuke in Konoha

Sasuke abandoned Konoha because he saw that there he would not be able to stay strong to face Itachi. Sasuke’s life would be different in several ways if Itachi had never abandoned him.

He would understand Itachi right from the start and would have no reason to leave his hometown.

Orochimaru would not be an obstacle


Orochimaru saw a great opportunity to enter Sasuke’s life when he realized that he would not be able to control Itachi.

He saw Sasuke as easy prey and decided to rescue him as soon as he had a chance, but if Itachi were there, Orochimaru wouldn’t be crazy to touch the Uchiha’s younger brother.

Itachi would have helped his brother to be a better ninja

Itachi Carrying Sasuke

Sasuke has evolved a lot thanks to the dark path he followed. But would he have been stronger if he had never left Konoha?

Long before joining Akatsuki and becoming a Nukenin, Itachi was already considered a prodigy of unparalleled power, so he could train Sasuke in the best possible way.

In this way, Sasuke would not only evolve his ninja side, but also his loving, fatherly, and social relationship.

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