Where to Find All Adler Letters in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals

This guide is to help you retrieve all the Adler Letters. I used pictures because I’m that type of person when I play so I hope it helps you. First time making a guide. (:

The Letters

For me all of the letters started to appear after the general store was on fire. That might not be 100% right but either way you’ll see the sparkle. You know the drill, especially if you’ve played the first game. I tried to keep it in order of the game play so then you aren’t running all around to try and backtrack.

1. The flagpole above the general store.

2. Animal burrow (near the first transmitter and after you’ve planted it and done the run down to town to get more).

3. The cliffs above the waterfall that leads to Jacob’s house.

4. Bottom left after talking with charlie (Point Tilia)

5. Top right below the ranger’s station off the beaten path (Point Tilia)

6. Bottom middle of the rocks of Tootega falls

7. Horse Shoe Beach (after placing transmitter)

8. Bottom right corner of Waterhead Bluffs.

9. Charity Point right side (screenshot has pointer)

10. Bottom left Pemmica Trailhead (after transmitters)

11. Funnie’s in front of dumpster to the right

12. Above graveyard when going to Church of Grand Architect (Garland Mines)

13. ONLY APPEARS AFTER COLLECTING THE FIRST 12! In front of Jacob’s shed down to the bottom right (Berenson)

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