Where to Find All Badges in Gran Alcázar in Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

This guide describes how to obtain most (more under Info) badges for Gran Alcázar. Please comment if something isn’t understandable or if anything is missing.

Island Badges

What’s A Ravelin?
Conquer the ravelin near the loading bay

Either take a crewmate that can swim or shoot them there with Gaëlle. Kill the 3 guards there and the badge should pop up!

Hopeless Apprentice
Take control of the head blacksmith with Pinkus, then use the cannon to get rid of his apprentice

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Kill all guards that carry an Alarm Bell without attacking any other guards

There are 7 guards with alarm bells in total. You have to finish any mission other than Into the Lion’s Den without killing any other guard the whole mission. I recommend doing this on Teresa’s Lament (Ch. 2). I’m not a 100% certain, but I think you actually have to do it in this mission.

Solitary Reign
Kill the lonely Iudex

This Iudex is also one of the Mimimi Devs. (It’s the one that is currently bugged and will not register when killed)

The Court Is Adjourned
Kill 6 Iudex within 6 seconds on any mission

If you want to do it the safe route, knock them out, throw them on a pile and then quickly kill them. Otherwise, it also isn’t hard doing it “regulary” with shadow mode.

I recommend taking Teresa, Afia and Toya for this.

Send Teresa to the 2 on the right, kill the one on the tower with your Iron Judgement and the other with either your melee or pistol.

With Afia, kill the first with your pistol (3 seconds faster than melee, but you can still do it without the pistol) and the second one with Blink (Grand Blink also makes this easier).

The last 2 can be killed in quick succession with Toya. Attach your Katashiro to 1 of them, go to the other one, kill her with melee and immediatly use Shadow Step.

Obivously, you have to do all of this in 2 shadow mode actions. Simply do the first step, and as soon as all kill animations started, activate shadow mode again and plan the second kills.

Garden Meditation
Knock out every guard at the Maiden’s Gardens and don’t hide a single body

While you’re not allowed to hide bodies here, you can still carry them out of sight. This is helpful to avoid the patrol raising alarm.

Into The Lion’s Den

Third Time’s the Charm
Kill the Custodes who guards the Captain’s head 3 times without unleashing a memory on your own

This one is a little work/tricky. The first 2 times are a normal part of the mission, but for the third, you have to dodge Ignacia and basically do the mission again, without saving/reloading.

But this time you do not have to collect the head and can for example simply shoot him with Teresa. The badge should unlock right the second you killed him the third time.

Lightning Justice
Kill 3 Iudex within 2 seconds

The place is crowded with Iudexes, so it’s just one shadow mode action

Don’t extinguish any lights

Remember, if you kill a guard carrying a light, do not walk over/near him, because that will automatically extinguish their lamp.

Ignacia Unleashed
We Play Another Game
Avoid a forced unleash by the Inquisitor

This means, avoid Ignacia at all cost. Break all 3 seals at once and do not try to kill Ignacia.

Reserved For the Inquisition
Don’t enter the Barracks or the Scriptorium

This aims to you going through the quite crowded middle of the map.

There’s also a way to cheese it: You have to take Virgilio, Quentin and optionally a third crewmate who can also swim.

Take the Servant’s Pier landing spot (east) and swim the yellow path from the screenshot above. After you arrive, take the ladder and use Virgillio’s Trickster’s Tarot and select Gaëlle. Then you can shoot Quentin inside the Maiden’s Garden and reel the other 2 in with Treasure Rod.

Teresa’s Lament (Ch. 2)

Eager Pilgrim
Arrive at the Beacon of Judgement before the Confessor

This one isn’t too hard. Just do not talk to the Confessor and immediatly go to the second mission objective. You do not have to race him.

Bad Back
Don’t use any ladders with Teresa

While this is straight forward and doable normally, you can alternatively take Gaëlle and/or Quentin in your team to get Teresa to higher places without taking ladders.

If you do it without these 2 in your team, you must have Teresa’s upgraded skill, so you can collect her bolt with other crewmates.

Pinkus’ Duty (Ch. 2)

The Rite is Clear
Get the objects for the ceremony without perusing the mind of any guard

This is pretty straight forward, but keep in mind that you have to kill most Prognosticars for this.

Focused On the Job
Peruse the priest’s mind without attacking anyone else beforehand

Simply take a look at the Priest’s walking route and peruse him as soon as he’s out of everyones viewcone. To be sure, take someone in your team that can distract guards.

Solo Quartermaster
Finish the mission with only Pinkus in your team

This one is a little tricky and I’m actually not sure how to do this on higher difficulty. You can collect most mission objectives while controlling guards, just kill every guard looking at them except the Prognosticars and then you have to time it correctly with their viewcone. As soon as you start interacting with the objectives, they will start to spot you.

Dressed For the Occasion
Burn Sebastian’s remains while in the body of the Confessor

For this, you have to lure the Priest inside the area where the last objective is before you use Peruse Mind, because otherwise your walking range isn’t enough.

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