Where to Find All Boombox in Skator Gator 3D

Beat the game and still can’t find those pesky boomboxes? Well look no further! These comprehensive guide will have you getting the boombox achievement in no time!


As I was attempting to 100% all the achievements in the game, I found the hardest part was finding boomboxes hidden in each level. So I decided that I would try to make a comprehensive achievement guide for those who are struggling as much as I did. This is my very first guide for any game so let me know if this helps!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Guide contains major SPOILERS! For best experience, please beat the game before using this guide! This guide should only be used if you’re really struggling to find the boomboxes and not to just “save time” in a normal playthrough. Discovering the secret locations for yourself is most of the fun! The rest of the fun is vibing to the boombox song 😀

Part 1 (Levels 1-4)

Level 1 – Get That Deed Back!

Near the end of the level, before the three red pipes, turn right and see the boombox hiding in tall grass. Sneaky sneaky.

Level 2 – Morning Marsh

Early in the level, just after the waterfall drop off the rails onto the island to the left. Then jump dash onto the path of logs leading to the boombox.

Level 3 – Daytime Bog

Near the end of the level, at the bottom rim of the big cliff island sticking out of the water.

Level 4 – Sundown Duel

At the end of the level, around and behind the flagpole. Well done and that’s all for part 1!

Part 2 (Levels 5-9)

Level 5 – Sunset Swamps

This one took me awhile simply because there’s so much in the environment that you can jump on and explore! At the end of the level before crossing the finish line, turn around 180 degrees and you will see a path of birch logs floating underneath the grind rails. Jump dash across the logs and you will find the boombox nestled in some tall grass.

Level 6 – A Shocking Ally

Probably the easiest boombox of all! At the very start, turn left and jump onto the logs! Then use the tire to boost up on the final jump to the boombox.

Level 7 – Twilight Town

After the first frog checkpoint in the level, hug the left side and drop down off the yellow guard railing into the tall grass. The boombox is hidden on top of a tree stump.

Level 8 – Bee-ware of Foes

After the 2nd checkpoint (past the large horde of bees), hug the left wall of yellow crates all the way around.

Level 9 – Fight ’til the Night

At the very end of the level, hidden behind the flagpole. Simple enough, moving on to part 3 😀

Part 3 (Levels 10-13)

Level 10 – Midnight mire

In order to reach this boombox you’re going to need multiple wings (minimum of 3, recommend 4). Once you get to the spot in the screenshot, progress a little further until you reach a series of blue crates. You can get at least 2 wings here, and a 3rd on the little crate floating nearby. You can farm additional wings throughout earlier in the level by super jumping (dash then immediately jump to gain a short boost) in areas that would normally need wings to pick up additional wings. Once you have enough wings, jump and dash after each wing use until you’re all the way across the sea of tar. Continue hopping between platforms until you arrive at the boombox!


The yellow rail in the screenshot below will send you back to the start, wasting any wings you’ve farmed if you haven’t yet activated the boombox. To avoid ruining your progress, don’t touch this rail until you touch the boombox.

Level 11 – Pollution Panic

This one is easier. After progressing into the level just a little bit, you should be able to find this spot. If you turn your camera, the boombox should come into view and then its just a matter of jump dashing to the pipe leading to it. Easy peasy.

Level 12 – The Factory

This one was probably the hardest for me (I jumped on many many things I didn’t need to). About halfway through the level in the green toxic waste area there will be a checkpoint frog. Turn left and jump on the yellow guard rail. Proceed to jump dash from the rail to the spinning fan. Jump dash to the black vent that the boombox is resting on and voila!

Level 13 – Traitor Gator

The big finale! At the very end of the level don’t pick up the deed. Instead super jump dash off the right side to the giant toxic waste barrels. Hidden behind is the last boombox!


And that’s all of them! Congratulations, you are now a boombox hero, unlocked a chonky new character to try out, and have a shiny achievement to show your friends. Once again I hope this guide helped all those who needed it.

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