Where to Find All Items in Yellowstone Park in BIGFOOT

Welcome to Yellowstone Park, the largest map in Bigfoot! It’s also the biggest national park by total area in the United States!

This is my third guide for you guys, and it coincides with the release of the third map on Bigfoot. If you need assistance navigating this vast park, grab some snacks, settle in, and dive into the guide on Yellowstone Park in Bigfoot.


Nothing Special about this section, just the map if you’d like to use it on your quest to hunt Bigfoot!

Green Safe Code Locations (Dynamite)

Ahh the Dynamite. Something that I thought was going to one shot Bigfoot but it didn’t. You can find this safe on the Shelf of Shelter 3, and there’s codes scattered around the area waiting to be read. You can locate these codes in: Shelter 3, and Predator Cave. (Note: I’m not sure if the code spawns in Shelter 2, I’ve been looking non stop but it won’t spawn there. If the code doesn’t spawn in these 3 locations I’m going to tell you, it’s in Shelter 2. I’m just not sure if it’s actually there.)

(Shelter 3) Ahh Shelter 3, the biggest Shelter in Yellowstone Park. There’s 2 locations you can find this code at in Shelter 3. The First Location: When you walk into Shelter 3, look at the dresser next to the door and your code should be on top of it! The Second Location: Behind the Building is a Well, go to it. On the Wooden Board on the Well, you’ll see your code next to a bucket.

(Location 1)

(Location 2)

(Predator Cave) Head on down to Predator Cave. In the center of the Cave, you’ll find yourself boxes. On one of the Boxes you’ll find your code.

Blue Safe Code Locations (AVM)

Head North of the Lake, you’ll find yourself Lake Village. In Camp House 1, there’s a Blue Safe waiting to be opened. But where is it? You can find your code at: Lake Village, Island Ranger House, and Old Hunting Tower 2.

(Grand Village) Go into the Camp House with the Blue Safe in it, which is Camp House 1. Your code will be on the Side Bed Table.

(Island Ranger House) Enter into the Island Ranger House and your code should be on the Metal Shelf in the back near the bed.

(Old Hunting Tower 2) Go to Old Hunting Tower 2. On the Table next to the Hunting tower is where your code will spawn. It will spawn on the seat.

Red Safe Code Locations (M4CL)

Go South of the big lake. You will find yourself the Lewis Lake Ranger Station, walk inside. The Safe will be inside carrying an M4CL, where’s the code? Your Code will spawn at: Lewis Lake Ranger Station, Indian Creek Campground, and Shelter 1.

(Lewis Lake Ranger Station) Go into Lewis Lake Ranger Station. Right next to the door is a Small Dresser, next to the Telephone is your code.

(Indian Creek Campground) Go to Indian Creek Campground, and check the Big Wooden Seats there. Your Code will spawn on one.

(Shelter 1) Go to Shelter 1. Look at the ground in between the Fire Pit and the Blue Mattress. What’s that sheet of paper? It’s the code.

Dead Bodies

1 Month Ago, 2 Women have gone missing in Yellowstone Park. You must find their corpses for investigation. They are pretty easy to spot however, so after you see this slide you will probably memorize where they spawn. cool?

Luisa Hammond

Luisa spawns VERY close to your Trailer, you should probably investigate her first because of how close she is. I’m going to show you the different locations she can spawn, but make the circles different colors so I can give details about where she spawns.

(Red Circle Location) Approach the location, you will find a Zip-Line. Right behind it is Luisa.

(Blue Circle Location) Go to the Grand Village. Right next to Camp House 7 is Luisa.

(Green Circle Location) Enter the location, you will find a Water Tower. Right beside it is Luisa.

Avery Edwards

Avery Edwards is very easy to describe. She spawns at the Predator Cave Entrance next to Shelter 3, the Hot Spring Cave Entrance, and Shelter 1. I’ll show you a picture of her body bellow so you know what you’re looking for.

Avery at Predator Cave

Mystic Stones in Yellowstone Park

The Mystic Stones is a creepy structure made to revive your friend if they die. Just pick them up, find 4 totems, drop your friend on the center, and place the 4 totems on the rocks. Your friend will revive in a few seconds, it’s very cool. Just keep this location in mind if you’re playing multiplayer, it’s very helpful just in case someone dies.

What totems look like so you know 🙂

Bigfoot’s Cave in Yellowstone Park

Bigfoot has a home like all of us, but it’s all rocks and bones at this point. You can see Bigfoot eating you in his Cave if you die from Bigfoot, but where’s his Cave in Yellowstone Park? Hot Spring Cave. Hot Spring Cave is located at the North Eastern Side of Yellowstone. It can be difficult to find because the cave is so small.

My Opinions

Yellowstone Park is one of if not my favorite map. It has so many cool sights and scenes like the geysers erupting and the earthquakes. It’s very cool to see that this Super Volcano made it’s way to Bigfoot, but it won’t erupt in our life time thankfully. Thank you for taking a look at my Guide on Yellowstone Park, and how about you go take a look at my other Guides. See you later!

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