Where to Find All Royal Presents in We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie

This is a guide written from the ground up showing the locations of all Royal Presents with pictures.


Have you wanted to find all the presents scattered around the stage? Well, look no further, as this guide breaks down every single presents’ location, with images to help out!

Rainbow Girl – As Large as Possible 1

HEADPHONES – Flying around the room are five paper airplanes. The present is on the last one. You can either wait for the airplanes to go under the ramp to the dresser and land on top of them, or get big enough to pick them up as they go over the couch.

Cleanly Mom – Cleaning

ANTENNA – On the windowsill right behind where you start. It’s pretty big, so you should probably come back for it.

Ikebana Teacher – Flowers

FLOWER – At the top of the hill, there’s a tree with a swing. Ram into it and a present should fall, if you are big enough.

Float Boy – Underwater

BIKINI – It’s on a duck floating on the water’s surface. What you’re intended to do is to get on the boat, get off at the pier, and then wait for the duck to come by. Or you could be like me and dash off one of the islands and somehow grab it. Either way, you need to be pretty big to get it.

Lazybones – As Large As Possible 2

CAMERA – On a RC Car being driven by a bunny, it’s doing laps around the playground. You have to get quite big to pick it up, possibly bigger than the Fast as Possible goal.

Camper Man – Fire

MUSHROOM – Under the bridge inbetween the rowing students and grilling area. Be very careful not to fall in the water and put out your fire. Speaking of, it’s a good thing the box is fireproof, otherwise we’d have to wear a shroom steak instead.

Hansel & Gretel – Sweets

There are technically two stages here, but as far as I know, the present location is the same whether you pick Gingerbread House or Sweets Meadow.

LONG NOSE – It’s on the broom of the Witch chasing you. You do not need to pick up the Witch to grab the present.

Substitute Teacher – School

This stage has two versions, a Large as Possible version, and a Fast as Possible version where you pick up all the students.

RIBBONS – This present is special as it has a different location for both versions of the stage. In the Large as Possible version, you need to get big enough to roll up the bathroom walls as it’s in a stall with an unmoving door. In the Fast as Possible version, it’s in the middle of a bunch of stacked desks in the second classroom.

Grandpa – As Large As Possible 3

CROWN – At the school, it’s hidden inside one of the vaulting horses.

Book Worm – Fireflies

GLASSES – It’s on the RV to the side of the base of mountain. There’s a clown near it, and ring of fireflies around the present.

Snow Child – Snowman

ROYAL MASK – This present is riding around on a one-horse open sleigh. Be a little Grinch and swipe the present from Santa.

Grandma – As Large As Possible 4

LITTLE BUDDY – On one of the two prop planes flying around. Both the planes travel next to Ferris Wheel, so I’d recommend waiting there until it comes by. You do have to be quite big to grab it.

What’s interesting is that while the Prince gets a young King, all the cousins get a miniature version of themselves.

Fund-raiser – Money

WIG – At the school, there’s a market taking place. In the back corner, there’s a bunch of boxes under a canopy. The present is behind these boxes. Don’t get too big, otherwise you won’t be able to fit under the canopy.

Mini-Sumo – Sumo

This stage has three variations, but the present location is the exact same. All that changes is the size of the rival sumo and some of food you’ll need to eat to Sumo Size.

COOL BELT – Next to the battle arena (the school) is the pool, where a guy is throwing a bunch of food to his pet hippo. One of these items will be the present, so grab it before hippo eats it and suffers indigestion from the wrapping paper and cardboard.

Dr. Katamari – Friends

This stage has two versions, As Many Friends As Possible, and Friends As Fast As Possible. As far as I know the present is in the same spot for both versions.

GIRAFFE HAT – In the aquatic section of the zoo, an otter holding the present peeks out of the water. He’s next to a singing dolphin!

F1 Racer – Racing

HORSEY – On top of the large cargo ship behind the pit stop. You need to be quite large to grab it.

Crane Hat Boy – Origami

POCHETTE – In the hallway, there’s a regular crane followed by a bunch of origami cranes. The present is in its mouth.

Rain Coat Girl – Clouds

TRUMPET – This one’s being carried by a hot air balloon. If you clear enough of the clouds, giant rainbows will appear on the map. The balloon’s over the rainbow.

Excitable Baby – 50 Items

PEACOCK FEATHERS – In the safari zone, it’s on a bear that’s on a ball, that’s on top of a man. You basically need to be big enough to grab the ball to get the present.

Cowbear Farmer – Cows & Bears

MOUSTACHE – At the pit stop, there’s a car wash with a bunch of objects popping in and out. Most of these objects are cow- or bear-related, or will knock you into the calves right behind you. The present will pop right out of the car wash, right after the locker. You need to get pretty big for it, and a calf or cub will appear right after it, so be careful!

Just-right Girl – Exact Size

There are three versions of this stage, with completely different presents. I’ll label each section.

Small Just right – 20 cm

SCARF – Out on the porch, sitting inside the dog bowl. Grab it before a dog eats it.

Medium Just right – 2m

GUITAR – In the third classroom, it’s in a nest on top of a locker. I’ve tried scaling up the locker to grab it with no success, so you’ll have to roll up the locker.

Large Just right – 50m

MASK – Underneath the red bridge next to Mt. Fuji, there’s a bunch of anchors in an arrow shape pointing to it.

Note that every cousin has a unique mask.

Bird & Elephant – As Large As Possible 5

MT. FUJI – As you would probably guess, this present’s sitting on top of Mt. Fuji.


And that’s all of them! These following stages do not contain any presents: Tutorial, Roll up the Sun, Roll up the Cousins, Save Earth, and 1,000,000 Roses.

There’s also the Royal Reverie, which does have presents, but you get them for beating each Memory. They are the Pencil, Singlet, Tire, Tutu, and Note Sunglasses. After you unlock them, you can wear them as the Prince and Cousins. Simply press Right Bumper (or equivalent) when in the Presents Menu, and you’ll uncover the second page containing these new presents. Press Left Bumper (or equivalent) to go back to the first page.

Last few things to mention: if you got the Special Edition, you also get two presents, the Little King and Little Prince. And, if you manage to get 100% Collection, the King will reward you with the true final present: a pair of bunny ears. I have not gotten 100% yet (but I am very close), so I do not have a picture of this yet. Once I do, I’ll update this to include it.

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