Where to Find All Tapes in Amanda the Adventurer

Below are the steps to obtain the three tapes, namely orange, blue, and red.


Below are hints on how to obtain the following tapes:
  • Wooly’s favorite pie
  • Piano secret sequence
  • Greta-chan.

Keep reading to discover how to acquire them.

Orange Tape

Out of the three, this is the simplest one to obtain. All you have to do is make Wooly’s favorite pie, which happens to be peach-flavored.

To make the peach pie, you need to locate the peach, which is located separately from the other fruits and behind the original oven location. Once you have the peach, place it in the pie pan and bake it in the oven at the same temperature and duration as the apple pie.

Blue Tape

Out of the three, this one might be the most challenging as it takes the longest to accomplish. To obtain this tape, you will need to use the pause button and access the alternate route for the videos. In the first video, when the prompt “knife” appears and there is a close-up shot of Amanda, press the pause button.

After pausing the video, you will be redirected away from the TV. Walk towards the oven and switch it on.

It doesn’t matter what temperature the oven is set to, as long as it’s turned on. Once the oven is on, return to the TV, and you will notice that something has changed.

After the video finishes, turn around to face the oven, and you will be instructed to make a meat pie.

Here is to get the items.

  • For the meat grab the cheese and use it on the mousetrap.
  • Take the mushroom from the wall close to the right TV.
  • Grow the potato plant. The plant pot with this symbol.

Take the tape and watch it. Follow along it to the first shop (the 24/7 shop). There will be a music score on the banner.

Go to the piano and play the note.

If you can’t read musical sheets then here is the answer:

The tape will appear in the top part of the piano.

Red Tape

For the red tape you will need to give Greta-chan her favourite colour flower.

Her favourite colour flower is yellow.

You won’t find the pots with the others. Instead look to the other side of the trap door.

Water the pot with the water dripping.

Give the flower to Greta-chan.

She will ask you to turn around, do it. When you turn back she will be holding it.

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