Where to Find All the Unique Resources in Starfield

This guide will tell you where to get special game stuff (organic and inorganic resources) and how to gather them.


All organic resources (found on animals and plants) and inorganic resources (minerals) are divided into five rarity categories: common, uncommon, rare, exotic, and unique. Here’s a guide to finding the rarest, the unique resources. While all of these resources can be found in small quantities from various in-game vendors, each of them is available on a single planet in the game where you can produce them infinitely.

If you don’t find the planets, here is a map of the galaxy :

Organic ressources

No special skills are needed to find these resources; you can typically produce them through greenhouses or animal husbandry facilities. There is five unique ressources

Gastronomic Delight:

You can find this resource on a crab-like creature called the “Herding Hornface Herbivore,” which inhabits the planet Bardeen III in the Wetlands and Deciduous Forest biomes.

High-Tensile Spidroin:

You can find this component on a cactus called “Frigid Palm” present in the Mountain and Frozen Mountain biomes of the planet Linnaeus II.


You can find this component on a tree called “Bright Fire Reed” present in the Volcanic, Coniferous Forest and Tropical Forest biomes of the planet Zelazny III.

Luxury Textile:

You can find this component on a cat-headed creature called the “Swarming Foxbat” present in the Mountain and Hills biomes of the planet Schrödinger III.

Memory Substrate:

You can find this component on a jellyfish-like flying creature called the “Herding Nautiloos Filterer,” present in the Hills, Plateau, and Sandy Desert biomes of the moon Fermi VII-a.

Inorganic Ressources

To know where to find these resources, you’ll need to level up your “Scanning” skill to level 4, without which you won’t be able to determine your landing location. On each of these moons and planets, you can build outposts with extractors to mine them infinitely.

Aldumite (Ad):

You can find this metal on the planet Schrödinger II.

Tasine (Tsn):

You can find this unique liquid on the moon Huygens VII-a.

Véryl (Vr):

You can find this unique gas on the planet Verne I.

Vytinium (Vy):

You can find this unique metal on the moon Decaran VII-a.

Rothicite (Rc):

You can find this unique metal on the moon Carinae III-a.

Indicite (Ie):

You can find this unique metal on the planet Katydid III.


I don’t think I’ve missed any unique resources, but feel free to mention it in the comments if that’s the case!

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