Where to Find and How to Defeat the Larva Eater in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

This guide will help you find and defeat the rarest game in Final Fantasy XII: The Larva Eater.


The most difficult rare game to find in Final Fantasy XII is the Larva Eater within the Great Crystal of Giruvegan. Defeating the Lava Eater is easy enough, but spawning it can take some time.

The agreed method to spawn the Larva Eater is to generate a large chain within the Great Crystal without using a Way Stone. This is most easily accomplished early in the Great Crystal before having to open too many seals.

Additionally, when you first enter the Great Crystal the mini-map is pretty much unusable, but the area map will indicate your current zone, so navigation is easy with a reference map.


The first zone you land in The Great Crystal is A Prama Vikaari. Head northeast to Sthaana Scorpio to open the first seal blocking the zone north from A Prama Vikaari, A Vikaari Dhebon. Take the Way Stone from A Vikaari Dhebon to the next section, and you will land in Dha Vikaari Kabonii. Head north to the 6-way Way Stone junction A Vikaari Kanbhru Rha, the zone you will eventually meet the Larva Eater.

From the way you entered into A Vikaari Kanbhru Rha there should be two sealed gates on opposite sides, and your way back should be highlighted by a green path you just took to enter the zone. Passing one of the seals, take the 2nd right to Dhebon Jilaam Praa’Dii and proceed in a 4-zone-circle farming Mom Bombs for your chain. Heading back to A Vikaari Kanbhru Rha you may encounter Reapers, but just ignore them and keep going in a circle accumulating your Mom Bomb chain.

Chain & Spawn

After creating a reasonably large chain, you will eventually encounter the Larva Eater in A Vikaari Kanbhru Rha. In my experience after 20+ Larva Eater encounters, the chain could be anywhere from 40 to 280 before the Larva Eater spawns. This chaining is a great opportunity to level your party for end-game battles such as Omega Mark XII and Yiazmat, and speed mode is very useful during this grind.


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