Where to Find All Specimen Growth in It Comes In Waves

This guide will explain where to locate the potions that increase your specimen growth.


To finish It Comes In Waves, you’ll have to carry a specimen to the Sanctuary Gates. Sounds easy enough? Nope, you’ll have to make sure the specimen is fully grown before you can pass. You’ll have to find some glowing green potions to speed up its growth by 10%. Without them, it’ll still grow, but at a very slow rate.

So don’t think about taking a shortcut straight through Ossuary Canyon since it definitely wouldn’t have grown by then. And remember that if you die, whether from environmental hazards or enemies, you must restart from the beginning. Also no saves, so try to finish the game in 1 session, only around 30-45 minutes.

Map Overview

Due to the map not tracking our position aside from the start, the locations are approximate. The numbers are listed based on which potion you will, or should, come across first from the starting point. You might not need to collect them all to finish the game since it still grows slowly, but the faster you run through the game means the more you’ll have to collect.


1. Necrotic Quarry

Turn around from the starting point and enter the area with the giant skeletons. In one of them, near a skull from where you can see the Sanctuary Gates, will be the first potion.

2. The Hatch

In this small village inhabited by raiders.

3. Small hill overlooking dry trees

From potion 2 cross the map to the other side of the valley. You might find 2 small villages here, they only have guns and water. Near the 2nd small village (the one which has 2 rib bones as their gate) you’ll find this one atop a hill, almost directly across the opening to Scrapyard Haven.

4. Scrapyard Haven

At the very edge of the scrapyard.

5. Eternal Emberwood

Under the burning tree.

6. Red Veil Falls

By the very edge, near the blood river. Lots of enemies here, not too hard but be careful.

7. Edge of a cliff overlooking River of Gore

Go past the Great Skull and into the final cliff overlooking the river. There you shall find the last potion. For location reference, the Red Veil Falls giant statue is visible in the top left corner of the image.


That’s it, all 7 potions will add a total of 70% to your specimen growth. And the other 30% you will probably accumulate slowly while walking from one location to another. Again, you probably don’t have to collect them all if you spend more time exploring. My first run, I missed 2 and still got to 100%, didn’t finish the game though because I ran out of water.

If I happen to miss an eighth, ninth, or more potions if they exist, please let me know and I will update the guide! Would be glad if you could add screenshots of it and the approximate location on the map.

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