Ghostwire: Tokyo

Where to Find Secret Blue Stones in Ghostwire Tokyo

Here’s a little tip for some added excitement straight from the creators. Navigating the map and finding locations can be made easier by utilizing spectral vision. For those seeking the ultimate treasure, the Blue Stone Room can be found on the third floor of the Middle School, hidden behind the Nurikabe yokai.

Secret Blue Room and Stones

Here’s a fun little secret from the creators of the game. To uncover it, use spectral vision and follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Matsumi Shrine and search for the corrupted apartment.
  2. Visit the Forest Kirigaoka Shrine.
  3. Check out the Corrupted Apartment Block Shiratsuki Shrine.
  4. Go to the Shibuya underground for the first time, separated from KK.
  5. Visit the rooftop of the Middle School Building.
  6. Head to the top of the high building with a pool at Shibuya Crossing.

The Blue Stone Room is situated on the third floor of the middle school building, behind the Nurikabe yokai. Once you have collected all six stones, place them in the Blue Stone Room to uncover the secret!

Map Location

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