Why Did Naruto Forgives Orochimaru in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Undoubtedly, Orochimaru is one of the best villains in the world of the Naruto series. His participation during the entire series is so significant, but one of the best highlights of his villainous act in when he killed Hiruzen during the invasion of Konoha. His talent was also seen when he reincarnated the deceased leaders of the Konoha Village.

To become immortal, Orochimaru underwent several experiments. This desire was born when he was still an orphan child after his parents were killed in the War.

Later he finds a snake in his parents’ grave, Hiruzen explains that it is luck and rebirth. From there, Orochimaru feels inspired to learn Kinjutsu, also known as the Forbidden Techniques, along with the desire to master all the Jutsus.

Being regarded as the first great genius ninja that the Konoha ever had, despite all the atrocities he committed, Orochimaru, throughout the entire series, never made his claims clear, always acting in his interest. After Naruto Shippuden’s debut, the leaf went to watch him as he went back to doing genetic experiments. This way, Mitsuki was born, who carries his DNA.

Why Did Naruto Forgives Orochimaru?

Initially, information about Mitsuki’s paternity in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is restricted. When Naruto reveals the truth about Mitsuki to the former Hokage Tsunade and Hiruzen’s grandson, Konohamaru, both are surprised and the situation ends with them questioning the Hokage’s decision to accept him again.

Orochimaru and Mitsuki

Tsunade still hits Naruto when he says that Orochimaru’s actions are not something one can reason. However, Shikamaru defends Naruto’s position when he reveals that Sannin’s research data will be essential to the ninja world when they have to face more threats in the future. So this influenced Naruto’s decision to forgive Orochimaru, after all, it was for the greater good of Boruto’s world.

To then preserve the integrity of the village, for safety, Naruto decided to give him another chance through his son. That way, he could also take advantage of his ninja researches, as in an exchange of favors, for Konoha caring for and receiving Mitsuki.

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