World of Tanks – How to Access the Hidden New Player Mode

Explaining the Hidden New Player Mode and what you can expect during and after this period.


Greetings, Commanders.

As many of you are long-standing players, you may be unaware of the secret New Player Mode that the game gives New Players. In fact, the mode is so hidden, it doesn’t even tell New Players they’re in a protected new-player mode.

What is it?

The New Player mode is a mode for players who have booted up for the first time or created a new account.

How do Battles Work?

Matches are 9v9 battles with only one or two players per team, the rest being bots. During low-population moments, you may be the ONLY player in the match.

How Long Does It Last?

Unknown. As this is a secret mode the devs do not want you to be aware of, the threshold for what kicks you out of it is unclear. It may be a certain number of battles or victories, or a certain amount of time since account creation.

What Happens When It Ends?

If you are a new player, not an old player using a new account, you will immediately be stopped from progressing any further in the game without spending money. You go from playing, at most two, at the least, no human players in 9v9 battles, to 15v15 battles with extremely poor match making mechanics.

You will likely be Tier 2-4 at this point, and you will encounter the following in WoTs matchmaking hell.

  • One team will have all light tanks, the other team will have all heavy tanks. Meaning one team has a higher health pool and more firepower than the other team.
  • Players who have placed in Ranked mode. Ranked is only unlocked when reaching Tier 10 tanks. This means high Tier players are coming down to low-tier, and picking off new players for fun.
  • No/incredibly slow progression.
  • No option to return to the bot battle format that you were previously comfortable with. I deliberately logged into a server that only had 200 people online, used a Tier 1 tank, and queue timed out rather than give me a bot battle.
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