Xiaomi Under-Display Camera

Xiaomi and Oppo Teases Under-Display Selfie Camera Technology

While one of the biggest Chinese smartphone manufacturers received a major knock off, there are still big Chinese brands out there making a huge leap in technology. We’re talking about the Oppo and Xiaomi who just recently teased another interesting development update with their products.

Posted earlier today, Oppo VP Brian Shen shared a video of a notch-free prototype of an Oppo smartphone. The video showcases the preview of the selfie camera while taking a picture of a ceiling then hovering it with a finger. What’s interesting in the prototype is that the front camera is not visible, at all.

Unlike the other products such as Oneplus 7 Pro and Oppo F11 Pro where the front camera pop up, the front camera of the prototype is hidden below the screen. Yes, it’s called under-display camera technology and in my opinion, it’s far way better than the pop-up cameras.

Well, it seems like Oppo is not the only company developing this kind of technology. Just a few hours since Oppo shared the prototype preview, Xiaomi also shared a sneak peek of their very own in-display camera technology.

In the video shared on Xiaomi’s official account, they featured a notch-free Mi 9 prototype along with a regular notched Mi 9. As seen on the video, we can’t find or trace any sign of camera for the notch-less smartphone prototype. They also did the same thing to showcase the front camera of the notch-less device and it looks totally amazing.

What do you think of the new technology that Oppo and Xiaomi teased? Are you still planning to grab a new phone where the front camera pop up or wait for the release of the newly developed under-display smartphone devices?

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