Young Souls

Young Souls Controls Guide

This guide will be showing you the complete list of Young Souls controls using both mouse and keyboard and gamepad controller. If you’re one of the players of this new action RPG video game from The Arcade Crew, we are hoping this controls guide for Young Souls will help you beat the game.

Young Souls Controls

To start off this guide, here are the default Young Souls key bindings and shortcuts.

Move UpW
Move DownS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Light AttackLeft Mouse Button
Heavy AttackRight Mouse Button
Grab / ReviveE
Switch CharacterTab
AccessoryMiddle Mouse Button
Next PotionMouse Wheel Down
Previous PotionMouse Wheel Up
Young Souls Controls for PC

For players who are using a gamepad controller to play the game, here are the buttons that you should remember.

Light AttackX
Heavy AttackY
Grab / ReviveB
Switch CharacterLB
PotionD-Pad Up
Next PotionD-Pad Right
Previous PotionD-Pad Left
Young Souls Gamepad Controls

And this concludes our Young Souls controls guide. Do you have any suggestions to improve this guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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