Zoria Age of Shattering Beginner’s Class Guide

This guide will introduce you to the starting classes in Zoria: Age of Shattering.


Class overview

Towering Shields that march on the battlefield and the unmoving stones in the path of a raging monster. The Sentinel boosts incredible defense but low mobility. Few Knights opt for this path, but those that do are not to be underestimated.

Trait Ability – Reinforcement

Upon entering the battle, the Sentinel will randomly pick one team member that will be granted an additional action point.

Resting bonus

The Sentinel shares experience from previous battles around the campfire. The Experience gathered is increased by 5% for 30 minutes. This effect doesn’t stack.

Sentinels are great for players who like to tank, but also deal some damage. They have light healing abilities and can cast area buffs for their party.


Class overview

Wielding the forces of Magic to utmost perfection, they are loyal defenders of Loyalty but also trusted advisors of Nobles. Few would dare disregard the advice of one, and those that do would often find themselves in peril. But as they are powerful, they are also squishy. Wizards tend to travel together with Sentinels or other powerful warriors who can guard them while they cast their powerful spells.

Trait Ability – Conjuration

The Wizard can conjure up various physical illusions that can help the party advance in the dungeons.

Resting bonus

Mana regenerated is increased by 15% (over the normal resting value).

Wizards are a great pick for players who enjoy dealing massive area damage while shielding themselves from harm.


Class overview

They are those who worship the gods day in and day out. Their prayers turn into healing light capable of curing even the most hideous wounds. While Priests can be found in all temples and churches, few can actually use their blessings i order to heal others. Those who are found wandering around the world are said to be pilgrims on a mission to learn about the world their gods had created. As such, they will often be found offering their healing services to groups of brave adventurers.

Trait Ability – Dispel

The Priest is able to cleanse the corrupted ground, removing any curses and clearing the way forward.

Resting bonus

Speaking the Words of Light, the Priest removes any curse that afflicts party members.

Priests are a great choice for players who enjoy playing as a healer or party support.

Battle Cleric

Class overview

There has never been a healer more willing to stand side by side with a Sentinel than a Battle Cleric. Unlike the Priest, this one will charge into battle and fight on his own. Rumor has it that the first Battle Cleric was the Sentinel’s wife. She got too worried that he might cheat on her, so she trained and followed him in the battle, ready to smack him in the head if he looked the wrong way, and of course heal him afterwards if needed.

Trait Ability – Restoration

The Battle Cleric recites a healing prayer at Shrines, bolstering the health of the party members.

Resting bonus

A soothing prayer will increase the health regeneration while resting by 15%.

Battle Clerics are a great pick for players who enjoy dealing damage while also keeping the party alive.


Class overview

Masters of the bow or crossbow, they can hit a target dead center from a distance. Most often confused them with hunters, but they are in fact quite different. They do not employ their skills to hunt wild animals, but to kill monsters, demos, and sometimes humans.

Trait Ability – Perception

Skilled observer of its surroundings, the Ranger can detect hidden passages that others will surely miss. Trap doors, secret levers, pressure tiles – these are not a secret for a Ranger.

Resting bonus

Using nature’s gifts, the Ranger can remove the Bleeding effect while resting.

Rangers will be a perfect fit for players who enjoy setting up traps on the battlefield for enemies to fall into.


Class overview

Loyalists of the King’s rule, they are the first to offer their services when there is a Call to Arms in the Kingdom. Usually, they are found wandering around the world, enforcing the King’s will upon the population. They are subordinates of the Knights, but within the army, they are considered just very loyal and valuable soldiers.

Trait Ability – Engineering

This trait will fix any mechanism that is broken, like levers, dwarven door locks, etc.

Resting bonus

Resting will decrease the cost supplies used by 15% for the same number of rested hours.

Kingsmen will be a great choice for players who love protecting their party.


Class overview

Although they favor using pole weapons or spears, the Lancers are not to be underestimated even if they are not together with their trusty steed. A long time ago, Lancer was the name of the Cavalry, but over time, it regressed to labelling any warrior with a preference for spear or pole weapons.

Trait Ability – Demolition

With sheer power any obstacle can be obliterated. Clearing large boulders out of the way or caved ceilings is an easy job.

Resting bonus

Removes Sunder effect and repairs the weapons and armor of the party by 15%.

Lancers are a great choice for players who like to debuff enemies and summon phantom weapons.


Class overview

Sneaky, elusive, and more than often ready to show you how fast you can lose your coins. They can find traps where others wouldn’t even look and disarm them before they can blink. If you have one with you, chances are that your pockets will never be plundered by enemy thieves, but if you do run out of coins, know that you will find them “misplaced” in your thieves’ pockets.

Trait Ability – Disarm

Thieves can disarm all kinds of traps inside a dungeon. Having one around is really handy.

Resting bonus

Knowing everything about poisons, the Thief can remove even the deadliest ones from any party member.

Thieves are a great pick for those players who enjoy stabbing others in the back.


Only a good combination of your companions’ classes can bring success on the battlefield. A team of rangers alone would be spectacular and look great on defensive walls, while their effectiveness would be very low in a close encounter.

There is another reason why you should be especially careful in choosing teammates. In the world of Zoria, there are objects that only a character with the right abilities can interact with. For example, Battle Clerics can interact with Shrines to replenish the party’s health, and Wizards can create magical bridges over which the whole team can safely cross to the other side.

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