1WEEK Update 1.2 Patch Notes

1WEEK has just released its latest version 1.2 on October 16, 2023, bringing some notable improvements to the gameplay experience. In the realm of bug fixes, the developers have addressed several crucial issues. Among them, the troublesome bug that hindered players from closing the inventory using the escape key after loading a game has been resolved. Additionally, the previously problematic bronze shovel sprite and colliders have now been rectified, alongside a fix for a pesky bug in the notes panel scroll bar, ensuring smoother navigation. Furthermore, players can now pursue the Expert Gardener achievement without encountering any technical hurdles.

In terms of gameplay enhancements, the developers have fine-tuned certain aspects to streamline the player’s journey. Notably, the game time has been adjusted, providing a more balanced and accommodating experience for players. Furthermore, crafting enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that the creation time for various essential materials has been significantly reduced. Specifically, the time required to craft a bronze bar has been decreased to 30 seconds, while the creation time for an iron bar has been brought down to 45 seconds. Additionally, the crafting time for a ruby bar has been notably reduced to 60 seconds, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable crafting process for players.

1WEEK Update 1.2 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error when trying to close the inventory with the escape key, which occurred after loading a game.
  • Fixed the bronze shovel sprite and colliders.
  • Fixed a bug in the notes panel scroll bar.
  • Fixed Expert gardener achievement.


  • The game time was adjusted to make it easier for the player.
  • Bronze bar creation time lowered to 30 seconds.
  • Iron bar creation time lowered to 45 seconds.
  • Ruby bar creation time lowered to 60 seconds.