Accurate TNT Maze Maps for FOREWARNED

Want to know the EXACT layout of the TNT mazes and where all the gold and treasure is? This is the guide for you!
This guide is up to date with v0.75.2.


A TNT area is a secret area in the main tomb that can be blown open using TNT and is indicated by a cracked wall or loose bricks. TNT areas always contain gold, one rare artifact and one lore page. The mazes are set out like a grid made of 1×1 squares, so they are relatively easy to map out accurately.

Two tomb variations’ TNT areas contain mazes – variation 3 and 4, (Sand-Spider Tomb and Oasis).

This covers the maps: Sunken Dune Shrine / Hidden City of the Sahara, and Sobek Oasis (Night) / Sobek Oasis (Day).

To learn more about maps, see my ultimate map guide!

Tomb Variation 3 – Sand-Spider Tomb

This maze can be accessed by dropping down a web-covered hole after entering the TNT area and contains Sleepers. Sleepers are enemies only found in the TNT area of the Sand-Spider tomb variation, (and in the embalming room of the Snake tomb variation) that awaken when stepped over. They act like sprinting mummies.

Tomb Variation 4 – Oasis

This maze can be accessed by walking through a waterfall after entering the TNT area and contains a massive albino Crocodile.

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