Adrift in the Backrooms October 16 Update Patch Notes

In the latest update for “Adrift in the Backrooms” (Version 1.2.3, released on October 16, 2023), several important changes have been made to enhance the gameplay experience. First and foremost, the development team has addressed issues with the first-person spectating mode, significantly improving its stability. Additionally, they’ve made the flashlight slightly brighter and more stable for all players, ensuring a smoother journey through the Backrooms. They’ve also tackled a pesky glitch in level 7, making it much less likely for players to accidentally find themselves under lava.

Moreover, in level 7, you’ll notice that some platforms have been made a bit larger, offering better maneuverability. The mysterious smiley creatures have had their spawning behavior altered in both level 6 and level 8, keeping players on their toes. Sound enhancements have also been added, with boosted footsteps for players and Howlers, as well as a slight reduction in the Howler’s scream. Furthermore, the sounds of notes, painkillers, and almond water have been enhanced, immersing players even further into the eerie Backrooms atmosphere.

In addition to these fixes and improvements, the update introduces several exciting new features. Players can now take advantage of a handy shortcut for using inventory items, making item management a breeze. Third-person spectating has been added, providing a fresh perspective on the game. Text chat has also been implemented, allowing players to communicate with each other more easily. The inclusion of sound for chests, pick up actions, and inventory interactions adds depth to the auditory experience, making “Adrift in the Backrooms” more immersive than ever before.

Adrift in the Backrooms Update Patch Notes


  • Made first person spectating alot more stable
  • Made flashlight slightly brighter
  • Made flashlight more stable for others
  • Made clitch where you get under lava less likely in level 7
  • Couple platforms are a bit larger in level 7
  • Changed smiler spawning behavior in level 6 and level 8
  • Boosted player footsteps
  • Boosted Howler footsteps
  • Slightly lowered howler scream
  • Boosted note, painkiller and almond water sounds


  • Added shortcut for using inventory items
  • Added third person to spectate
  • Added textchat
  • Added sound to chests
  • Added pick up sound
  • Added sound for inventory

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