Alien Marauder

Alien Marauder Update Patch Notes

Developer Vexan Studio has rolled out the latest Alien Marauder update and we have the complete list of changes for you to read. The new patch brings some in-game changes and adjustments, along with several bug fixes in the game.

Unfortunately, Vexan Studio did not reveal the exact update file size for this new Alien Marauder patch. However, players can now download this update to have a better gaming experience. To learn more about this update, check out the full release notes below.

Alien Marauder Update Patch Notes

Updates and Issues

  • Fixed issues occurred in certain parts of texts.
  • Anew set of skill icons is applied to optimize visual interaction.
  • Corrosion Types now have a optimized hitbox

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game-“freezing” conditions caused by the casting of Layton’s skill: Explosive Grenade.
  • Engineer Tractors’ Smoke Bombs will no longer dispel fog of war in an “unnaturally” large area.
  • Layton’s skill points are now correctly gained and distributed.
  • Baldur’s armory upgrade “SD-Protocol” now will provide proper amounts of damage upon units’ demise.
  • Fixed reported hotkey conflicts that causes breakdown of the game.
  • Savefiles are can now be correctly loaded.

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