All Characters You Can to Talk to in The Inner World

This guide is specifically meant for people who haven’t gotten the Blabbermouth achievement. I haven’t found a guide yet that specifies who exactly needs to be talked to, so I compiled my own list here that got me the achievement.


So you want to get this achievement, but haven’t found a guide yet that explicitly states which characters you actually need to interact with to get the achievement. Same hat! (or nose if you will). I wrote down all the NPCs I have interacted with during my playthrough, and got me the achievement. Some of these ‘characters’ are debatable, but I’m not here to argue about machine sentience or what animals do or do not talk.

The way I made sure I could check off a character was to open their speech menu, and try to black out at least one subject (by spam-clicking through the dialogue). This allowes me to guarantee I have talked to a specific character, as some have rather long dialogue trees and changing options.

I do need to mention that all of these characters need to be talked to in one playthrough, because you can’t go back through the chapters.

One big note: the achievement will ONLY TRIGGER once the final cutscene and credits have rolled. You will not know beforehand if you missed an NPC or not.

As always, this chapter will have spoilers for the game, but I assume you are here because you are replaying the game for all the achievements. If you are not, go play the game without achievement guides first!

So saddle up your Basylians, because we’re about to get one of the most annoying achievements in this game.

Chapter 1

In Chapter one there are a whopping total of 12 NPCs to talk to. Don’t worry, this chapter has the most of them by far. At least 6 of these characters are mandatory to talk to:

  • the Garbage Dealer
  • Detze
  • Barmaid Ottilie
  • the Asposian (the one with the cradle)
  • the Arms (Tailor)
  • the Sin-O-Mat

However that leaves the following 6 character to interact with a speech bubble:

  • Wind Monk Maleus

Found in the Ottilie’s bar gambling away at the slot machine. You steal his cloak for the Strawbear Yarn.

  • the Wooloof

The little creature sleeping next to Ottilie. He has his own text box, but won’t say anything.

  • the Sleeping Guest

Will remain sleeping when you interact with him. Wears a yellow coat.

  • the Guest

A guest drinking some alcoholic beverage away in the back of the bar. Has a sign next to it related to stories.

  • Guard 822

The guard that eats his sandwich. He warns you about a Basylian attack in a cutscene and you steal his lunchbox.

  • the Loge Guest

This is the sleeping guy on the railing in the Mechatheater. Even he has a textbox

  • Laura

Laura can be talked to in her hideout, however Robert will stop you to try and remain hidden.

If you have tried to or have talked to all of these characters in Chapter 1, congrats! That is all for this chapter.

Chapter 2

Alright, so you managed to survive impact and crash-landed in the Root Forest. Fortunately, it’s your lucky day, because all the NPCs in this chapter are required to talk to to progress. These NPCs are:

  • Gorf (as Robert)
  • Gorf (as Laura)
  • Robert (as Laura)
  • the Aerologists (as Laura)

Funnily enough you cannot talk to the monk even if you try. Anyways, this is the easiest chapter by far! See you at the Gate!

Chapter 3

The Aerologists forgot their map. Luckily that helps us a lot in finding the treasure! There are 4 NPCs to talk to this chapter, and yet again, all of these are mandatory to talk to.

  • Gorfelina
  • Laura
  • Steve
  • Pete

I don’t remember if you can already talk to the Dynasty at this point (I don’t think you can), but I forgot and got the achievement so I don’t think it counts if the action is there. Anyways, we gotta find out if our heroes survive the fall!

Chapter 4

So technically during this chapter none of the characters are required to be talked to, though you probably have at some point. All NPCs that require to be talked to in this chapter for the achievement are:

  • the Mechanic Guard

Found in the very first room with his nose through a blueprint. Has a knee injury and will give you the Allen Wrench and Clear Varnish

  • Sgt. Parakeet

Found in the second room, whistling so that the Guards follow their footsteps.

  • the Lab Guard

Found in front of the lab. You can talk to him before giving him Laura’s Note and switching the posters.

  • Laura

Found inside the lab. She doesn’t give a whole lot of dialogue though

  • Reminepo

Found inside the capsule in the lab. Talk to him twice for another achievement 😉

  • the Weird Guy

This is the guy you need to take out to save Reminepo. Yes, you can actually talk to him.

I don’t know if you can talk to the hedgehog pet in the Throne room, but I didn’t talk to it and did get the achievement anyways. Anyways, Laura and Reminepo have been turned to stone, so it’s time to make our great escape and save the Dynasty.

Chapter 5

So we have escaped, and gotta save the Dynasty now. However there are first some people we need to talk to. In total there are 5 people, if which these two are required to talk to:

  • Steve
  • Pete

The other three are really, really easily missed. The people you need to talk to for the achievement are:

  • Gorfelina

Found outside of the Gate. Giving her the gum is not enough to get her to count, you need to actually talk to her.

  • the Dynasty

You can talk to the Dynasty while they are still statues, but only BEFORE you hang up the disco ball.

  • Conroy

During the encounter with Conroy you can actually talk to him about several subjects. This should be the last and final NPC you need to manually speak to to get the achievement.

And the world is saved!


And that should be it! The final cutscene will play and the credits will roll. If you followed my guide and started on a new file, you should have the achievement Blabbermouth now. If you did not get the achievement I want to remind you that it will only trigger once the final cutscene and credits have rolled.

I thank you for reading this guide more than a decade after the game came out, and hope you have a great day!

P.S. If people want me to add screenshots of the exact locations of the NPCs, leave a comment and I will add them.

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