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All Mission And Contracts in Construction Simulator South America DLC

This is a complete map of all campaign missions and contracts the DLC region South America. Since Construction Simulator will give you the same contract over and over again, the only way to know that you have “finished” a region is to keep track what contracts you have already done in said region.

So I kept track of everything I’ve done and now I’m finished, so here’s the map for anyone who wants to keep track of what they have finished so far and what is still to come.

Note that the mayority of the contracts is unlocked by finishing a certain campaign mission first, so don’t wait too long with those campaign missions.

Feel free to ask in the comments if something is unclear. I suggest to download the image so you can zoom in on certain parts and make a mark when you finished something, if you you want to use my map to keep track.

South America Map

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