Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits Trophies and Guide for PS4

Developer Fiction Factory Games and Publisher PQube released the official Arcade Spirits trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Arcade Spirits, players will be collecting 22 trophies consisting of 8 bronze, 4 silver, 9 gold, and 1 platinum. No hidden or secret trophies found in this game. Check out the full Arcade Spirits trophies for PS4 below.

Arcade Spirits Trophies

Put Your Quarter UpClear Level 01.Bronze Trophy
Chasing GhostsClear Level 02.Bronze Trophy
Take it to the MAXClear Level 03.Bronze Trophy
Player Versus PlayerClear Level 04.Bronze Trophy
Under the BoardwalkClear Level 05.Bronze Trophy
Hit the LeverClear Level 06.Bronze Trophy
New Game PlusClear Level 07.Bronze Trophy
Kill ScreenClear Level 08.Bronze Trophy
Better Dead Than RedObtain Zombie Meltdown.Silver Trophy
Let's TypingObtain Phrase Invaders.Silver Trophy
Use the Magic SwordObtain Wyvern Keep.Silver Trophy
Pixel HeartRomance Naomi.Gold Trophy
Reasonable RomanceRomance Gavin.Gold Trophy
Cosplay ConnectionRomance Ashley.Gold Trophy
Extra LifeRomance Percy.Gold Trophy
Breaking the MetaRomance QueenBee.Gold Trophy
Double DanceRomance Teo.Gold Trophy
More Than BFFsRomance Juniper.Gold Trophy
The Good EndAbandon your dreams.Silver Trophy
The Power of FriendshipDon't romance anyone.Gold Trophy
Love in a Time of QuartersRomance everyone.Gold Trophy
Arcade LegendCollect all the trophies.Platinum Trophy

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