Arena of Kings

Arena of Kings Update Patch Notes

Developer Villain Games LLC has rolled out the newest Arena of Kings update, and players can now download this new update. Unfortunately, the developer did not reveal the exact download file size for this patch.

Patch highlights the bug fixes in the game. In addition, the update also includes some minor changes and under the hood performance upgrades. It is also worth noting that this new update brings the volume slider option into the game.

To know more about this new patch, feel free to read the full release notes below.

Arena of Kings Update Patch Notes

New Features and Fixes

  • A volume slider has been added to the options.
  • Default volume is now 75%.
  • Implemented a fix for queues not popping. They should be instant. We’re monitoring this fix. If your – queue takes more than a minute, requeue.
  • Channel max user limit increased from 1000 to 2000.
  • Fixed several reported crashes.

Previous Fixes

  • A fix has been implemented for the Spell Bar changes not working. We’ll be monitoring it.
  • Default volume has been reduced to 75%.
  • We’ve added some quick volume options. Type in chat: /sound low /sound mid /sound high.
  • The /invite name command is now working.
  • Fixed a visual display error with Stash Tabs.
  • Offensive/racist text filter applied to channel messages.
  • Offensive/racist text filter applied to character names.

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