Pokemon Ash's Dragonite

Ash Ketchum Finally Caught Dragonite After Almost 23 Years

Ash Ketchum, the main protagonist of Pokemon anime, has finally caught one of the strongest Pokemon from the Kanto region. After almost 23 years of trying to become the very best, Ash Ketchum has finally caught Dragonite in the latest Pokemon anime series.

With the release of the new episode from the Pokemon Season 23 series, Ash has encountered Dragonair at the Dragonite Island, having a hard time to make its first flight. Knowing the personality of the main character, Ash helped Dragonair how to use his wings.

The story continues with Team Rocket capturing a Dragonite. Dragonair sensed the trouble, and together with Ash, they started searching for the captured Dragonite. They encountered Team Rocket but as usual, they are nott freeing the captured Pokemon. Team Rocket used Wailord to defend their cause and with its splashing ability, Ash was thrown away. Ash Ketchum is about to face a devastating fall but a Dragonite came to the rescue to save him. It turns out that this Dragonite is the Dragonair that he helped that evolved during the process.


Following the event, Ash Ketchum throws his PokeBall towards Dragonite and captured him. Similar to Ash’s Muk, his new Dragonite has a habit of embracing the people that it encountered. Professor Sakuragi is one of the people who’s Ash’s Dragonite hugged.

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