ASTRONEER – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

This guide will be covering the smart tricks that you can use to improve the life quality in ASTRONEER. In addition, you will be able to learn how to maximize the resources and other important items around you.

Storage Tips

Do not waste valuable storage space in your shuttle!

  • If you need to take packagers with you on your space trip, You don’t need to put them in storage slots. Instead, glue them to the side of your shuttle, or rover if you need!
  • Remember, you don’t have to put Oxygenator in the side slot of the shuttle as hologram suggests. You can put any 2nd tier item in there. For example, you can use small base starter pack.


Base starter contents: Packed oxygenator, source of power (small solar, small wind turbine, generator), packed small platforms

Do not waste space in your backpack!

You can sneak additional resource nugget in crafting slot in your backpack. Use that to your advantage

Extending the platform’s storage capacity.

If you have a large platform A, you can put two small storages on it, having 16 slots total.
Be smart and do that more efficiently, put large storage on the platform instead. You can then fit 4 small storages on the large one. You now have 32 slots and the same amount of space taken. You can further extend storage capacity by using silos or canisters later in-game.


Life Quality Improvement Tips

Reach further!

Have you been in a situation when you couldn’t grab something because it was just outside of your range? Worry not, there’s a way to extend your range. Just take out your terrain tool, doing that almost doubles your reach!


Extender confusion!

Extenders can be hard to place, you place an extender and you don’t know if your cable will reach it or not. There’s an easier way, place extender pack on one of your auxiliary backpack slots (shoulders), extended cable to its maximum and then hit your auxiliary slot key (default C for left slot and V for right). Extender will automatically add in a place where your cable ends

Navigate around the planet easily!

If you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere with no beacons insight, look up to the sky and locate star bound. Once you spot it, follow the star bound in the straight line. It’s visible on any planet and makes a circle around the planet’s equator. Your starting base on the first planet is always placed below or slightly off to the side of the bound. Either way, following it in the straight line will eventually get you there. Placing a network of differently colored beacons all around to the planet so that you can always see one and tell your position is a very good idea.

Quick pickup and placement.

  • If you see an item on the floor and want to quickly pick it up, hold shift as you left-click on it. This will automatically snap it to your backpack
  • If you have a unit in your base displaying a hologram of required resource (ex. printers, chemistry lab), click on the hologram, it will automatically place an item in the slot if you have it in your inventory.

Restacking item packs

Having 3 packs of tethers or extenders with 2 tethers in each is annoying and wastes limited inventory space. In order to restack them into one pack, simply place all of the tethers/extenders on the floor and shift pick them up.

Pack research

You normally can carry only one large research item at a time, but what if I told you that you can carry 12 of those at once? That’s right, all you need to do is use your packager on research item. A lot of players don’t know that

Bytes Gathering

Bytes are essential in ASTRONEER and there are lot of ways to get them. I will teach you the most efficient ones!


Open Research Aids

Depending on the planet and depth (The deeper in cave aid is, the better samples you get) you will usually find a small research sample which provides from few hundreds to 1000+ bytes per instant scan. You can also research small samples in the research chamber tripling the number of bytes. Sometimes you will also find a large research item in the aid which always provides a good amount of bytes

Bytes Farming

With the tools provided by Automation update, you can build multiple endless bytes farms.

Locate a rocky formation, bush or anything that small samples grow from. Samples on those formations respawn every in about 30 minutes. Place a small research station built from auto-arm and research chamber (don’t forget the power of course). Put the auto arm in a way that it will be facing samples and research chamber behind it. Enable research in the chamber and it will endlessly research new bytes each time they respawn. Setting multiple stations can provide you with a lot of passive bytes

Farming Bytes from Plants

Although not so efficient after automation came out it’s still a reliable method of getting bytes.


Make a flat floating floor and plant on the top of it, not always but usually, a research item should appear beneath the plant after it’s full grown. You can then collect the research and replant the plant. Be mindful around your plantation as some plants might still be aggressive/defensive towards you.

Looking for Bytes

One of the most efficient, if not the most efficient and popular way to get a lot of bytes very quickly and easy is Glacio bytes strategy, how it works: Generally, player is building a shuttle and flying to glacio rather quickly and runs around Glacio’s caves and scanning every found small research sample as each provides 300+ bytes. Around 20 minutes running around and we are talking about tens of thousands of bytes.

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