ATOM RPG Trudograd

ATOM RPG Trudograd Update 1.01 Patch Notes

ATOM RPG Trudograd update 1.01 has just been deployed by developer AtomTeam and we already have the full list of changes for you to read. The game developer aims to address the bugs and issues with infinite XP, an infinite quest reward, and more. In addition, the new patch also fixed the issue with some of the in-game achievements including Memoirs of the Nibbler, Incompetence, and Death of Author.

All the important details you might need to know about the Trudograd update released this September 20th are covered in the section below. Players should now be able to download and install the latest update to implement all the new changes in the game. Unfortunately, the developer did not disclose the download file size for this update.

ATOM RPG Trudograd Update 1.01 Patch Notes

  • Fixed infinite XP bug with Cult, Capibarov lair, Bayonet;
  • Fixed infinite quest reward for Crooked’s quest;
  • Fixed ability to enter Seventh Heaven without pass or payment;
  • Now the faction companion attacks character if their faction is assaulted;
  • Radiolov’s quest fixed;
  • Ganiev’s truck no longer walk-through-able;
  • Achievements: Memoirs of the Nibbler, Incompetence, Death of Author now work correctly;
  • Molotovs no longer burn during cutscenes;
  • Tellerov now takes 100 rubles for his trick properly;
  • Fixed bug with how Lost Northerners quest was represented in the log;
  • Background for armor abilities description fixed;
  • Fixed local map markers appearing on global map;
  • Fixed combat on the Island;
  • Various lesser glitches in menus, etc. fixed

Source: Steam Community

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