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Nioh 2 Update 1.08 Patch Notes Now Live on PS4

Developer Team Ninja has rolled out the latest Nioh 2 update 1.08 bringing minor gameplay changes and tweaks. The newest Nioh 2 version 1.08 can now be downloaded today, April 10th.

According to the patch notes, lots of character adjustments have been implemented. The new patch also includes overall gameplay stability and performance improvements. You can check the detailed changelog of the update below. Patch notes below are translated using Google translate.

Nioh 2 Update 1.08 Release Notes

Youkai Skills Adjustments

Adjustments have been made to achieve an overall balance centering on techniques that are difficult to feel power and effect.

  • Tweaked “Ushioni” so that it is easier to hit
  • Increased the damage of the soul “Firewheel” and eased the consumption power
  • Adjusted to also hit the front side of the appearance position of the soul “Daidarabochi”
  • Tweaked “Sake Drinking Doji” to reduce stiffness after attacking and make it easier to hit
  • Alleviates stiffness after attacking the soul “Kagetsu Warrior” and increases damage
  • Soul soul “poison slimming” / Soul soul “Kokaibozu”
    Adjusted to reduce stiffness after the attack and allow rapid fire
  • Adjusted to release more amrita when biting the soul stomach “Gaki”
  • Soul savage “Yamaba” attack hastened, and the duration of beneficial effects has been adjusted upward
  • Increased the hit count of “Iron Rat” attack on Souls
  • Alleviates stiffness after attacking the soul “Karatengu” and adjusts damage upward
  • Adjusted to make it easier to hit “Samoku Hachimen” attacks
  • Increased the number of hits in the soul potter‘s wheel
  • Mitigates stiffness after attacking the soul squad “Gaijitai “
  • Increased the chance of dropping herbal medicines when hitting “Kyorei” soul charges
  • Increases the consumption power by making the opponent frightened even when hit by the soul cow “Gyutoki” youkai
  • Adjusted power damage down to increase the chance of hitting the soul “Ichigoki” attack, and increased consumption power
  • Reduced the maximum number of reversals when hitting the terrain ” Yatanagami ” by 1 to increase the consumption power
  • Soul damage “Otake Maru” / Soul soul “Tara umbrella monster” “Ushioni” “Princess Nagabe” “Daidarabochi” “Wedge” damage has been adjusted down


  • Adjust the drop rate of the following soul fee upwards
    • Kokai Shave
    • Poison Coloring
    • Onifire (Tue)
    • Onifire (Wednesday)
    • Onifire (Thunder)
    • Tang Umbrella Haunted
    • One anti-cotton
  • Nioh 2 version 1.08 adjusted its training mission to strengthen enemies of the training ground as the game progresses
  • Training site mission action basic operation and youkai operation, Takeshi/gen/gen is adjusted to always perform level sinking
  • For The Sword Takeshi “Yasha Ichi-character”, an upward adjustment of the power at the time of maximum accumulation
  • For “Unya”, changed to be able to set the Takeshi customization skill
  • For “Sosara Sandan”, the success judgment of the after the wish is eased, and the power at the time of success is adjusted upward.
  • About the spear Takeshi “Aoarashi”, to speed up the occurrence so that it is easy to enter the chase at the time of successful play, adjusted to shorten the rigidity
  • For The Axe Takeshi “Kumaeishi”, changed to be able to set the martial arts customization skills to grant attributes
  • For “Shura Renmai crushed” and “Swept leg”, changed to be able to set the martial arts customization skill to grant attributes.
  • Relaxes the timing when samurai skills “drift” can be activated from “Onimai, Ten”, “Onimai People”, and “Onimai-Ji”
  • To speed up the attack hit occurrence of a powerful blow that can be activated in the mystery of the sword sickle, upward adjustment of the power
  • In the mystery of yin and yang art “The moment of the yang”, upward adjustment so that the activation operation of the art to give an advantageous effect to oneself is even faster
  • Nioh 2 version 1.08 changed to occur in “gunpowder balls” and “roasting stigma” to occur in ninjutsu-related effects (physical fitness absorption in ninjutsu hits)
  • When youkai is made in special effects “Physical fitness 0 and youkai in the dark”, it is changed so that the effect of the transformation is sandwiched, and the advantageous effect and the adverse effect are not erased.
  • When fighting with Nagamasa Asai in a distance, adjust the action so as not to become a pattern
  • Adjusted to make it easier to see the aim when holding a long-range weapon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the special effect “Martial arts damage +%” was not reflected in the enhanced martial arts “Yang” and “Yin” of the hatchet martial arts “Tayama Start” and “Sun Moon Start”.
  • Fixed a bug that some attributes of the hatchet do not reflect the attribute of special effects
  • Fixed a bug where hitting a specific enemy with the chain sniper tactics “Snake Biting” would not allow you to sacrifice
  • Fixed a bug where the Naginata-Kama Martial Arts “Sankugyo” was prone to outbursts
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t be devastated by the chain sword martial art “Kizui Mizugami”
  • Fixed a bug where the spear martial arts “Chidori” sometimes slipped behind
  • In the following martial arts, martial arts customize skill effect Fixed a bug that has not been granted two sword martial arts “heavy-cross” the first stage other than the spear martial arts “Hisari Vol.2” “kicking god of water” kusarigama martial arts “dropped Kegon” halberd sickle martial arts “Evil Judgment 2”
  • Fixed the effect of Samurai skill “Zenshin Human” not to disappear when entering poison swamps or sewage
  • Fixed a bug that caused the effect of the half-skill “Kinshi no Strike” effect on Amrita instead of Amrita gauge
  • Fixed a bug where the special effects “Enemy’s Continuous Damage” and “Continuous Damage to Enemies” were separate, and were integrated into the former
  • Fixed a bug where the effects of increasing the power of martial arts and bare hands were reflected only in some of the youkai skills
  • Fixed a bug where the attack power was greatly reduced when using the youkai technique with bare hands
  • Fixed a bug where the level sync was not reflected in the monster attack
  • Fixed an issue where the attack did not hit properly for the monster technique of “Kama puta”
  • Fixed a bug that caused some monsters to get stuck after coming up when hit by the guardian spirit “Genbu”
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t directly attack a monster when you successfully performed a special skill against some monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not select another candidate for a finished product when using a soul charge that can be transplanted as a material in “Soul alignment” of “Blacksmith”
  • Fixed a bug where a different weapon type was displayed on the material when setting a long-range weapon as the base in “Soul alignment” of “Blacksmith”
  • Fixed a bug where the damage dealt with the rarest would be displayed even if the displayed damage of allies other than yourself was set to “Hide”
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t purchase a copy in the tea room if the system data was deleted, even if the conditions were met on the character data side.

Check out the original patch notes here.

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