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Attack on Titan Chapter 112: Spoilers, Predictions, and Release Date

The attack on Titan Chapter 111 was probably one of the most intense chapters that I’ve read so far. While Chapter 110 was also good, I am really looking forward to the Shingeki No Kyojin Chapter 112.

So we didn’t get to see any action from Jaeger Faction and Eren, but we did see a lot of exciting stuff that lined up for it. Pixis in now the new commander, and he told that they should surrender to the Jaegar Faction because it’s not yet the right time to fight amongst themselves.

Attack on Titan - Eren
Attack on Titan – Eren

As they visit Nicolo, we got saw Falco and Gabi meet him, a moment after them. They explained that they’re from Marley and they’re only alive because they escaped. Later, Gabi mentioned that she killed a girl and that triggered Nicolo, and he ended up attacking Gabi, only for Falco get in the way.

Gabi was almost killed, but thanks to Sasha’s parents who saved her life while Mikasa saw her survive. Later, Gabi realized that they don’t hate her for what she did and she indeed opens up her eyes.

Attack on Titan Chapter 112 Spoilers and Predictions

Now, here comes the spoiler. In Chapter 112, I think she will eventually realize that she has been thinking wrong about the Eldians. It would be interesting to see what she thinks if she finds out about Reiner’s bloodline as well.

Apart from all this, Falco got some of Zeke’s spinal fluid in his mouth, and may now transform into a mindless Titan. If that thing happens, they cannot do much to save him. The only chance is for Reiner and the people for Marley to show up and Rainer to feed himself to Falco and let him inherit the Armored Titan.

We may also see Eren getting closer to Zeek in Chapter 112. While Marley’s invasion of Paradis Island is a known fact now, there’s a chance that we may not see it in this chapter.

Attack on Titan Chapter 112 Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 112 is expected to release on the first two weeks of December. Since no official release date has been announced yet, fans will want to keep their tracks and follow the official manga distributor.

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