Battle Cry of Freedom – How to Increase Bot Accuracy

In this guide, I will show you ways to increase your accuracy with bots. These should all work the same with the 2.0 Update.

How to Increase Bot Accuracy

1. Use more ranks, 2 ranks is good, although I have heard 4 ranks make them better, it also can put your troops in a worse situation, so 4 ranks can increase more accuracy, but it makes your troops easier to kill, so I prefer 2 ranks. 1 Rank is good when behind cover.

2. Remove bayonets, always do this each game, bayonets make the bots aim worse, so what you want to do is have them remove their bayonets for that better accuracy, until you actually get into a melee fight keep these things off.

3. Spaced out ranks, it helps keep other bots from shooting so many of your troops. I don’t believe there is an accuracy change using this.

4. Fire on command, firing on command gives an accuracy bonus to your troops, although firing at will is better for when you don’t need to conserve so much ammo.

5. Firing by ranks, I have heard that this can give you an accuracy buff, but I don’t believe it is very substantial or noticeable through my gameplay using it, I prefer to have them all fire at once, unless you are in a well protected position you shouldn’t use this too much.

6. Use sharpshooters, each troop displays what their stats are, and sharpshooters are great, they have great aim, and a damage/accuracy buff too, so definitely use these guys if you don’t think you will get into a melee fight, keep these guys in the back.

7. Keep your support guys alive, you, as your officer class, the backup officer, and the music players, keep these guys alive since they give you soldier buffs.

Note: Me on a server with unlimited bot ammunition using sharpshooters,

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