Ben 10: Power Trip

Ben 10: Power Trip Trophies for PS4

Here is the complete list of Ben 10: Power Trip trophies for PlayStation 4. There is no secret trophy in Ben 10: Power Trip. You will be able to collect the platinum trophy after collecting the 5 gold trophies, 14 silver trophies, and 9 bronze trophies.

Check out the full list of Ben 10: Power Trip trophies below.

Ben 10: Power Trip

Bent 10: Power Trip Trophies

Platinum TrophyExtreme Power Tripin'
Earn every other trophy
Gold TrophyHard Headed
Unlock Diamondhead
Gold TrophyStrudelbek Savior
Defeat Hex and Save Strudelbek
Gold TrophyExplorer I
Complete the Forest Area
Gold TrophyExplorer II
Complete the City Area
Gold TrophyExplorer III
Complete the Mountain Area
Silver TrophyTurning up the Heat
Unlock Heatblast
Silver TrophyLet's Rumble
Unlock Four Arms
Silver TrophyFastest Alien Alive
Unlock XLR8
Silver TrophyShocking Discovery
Unlock Shockrock
Silver TrophyLooking Sharp
Unlock Rath
Silver TrophyHeadliner
Destroy All Decibel Concerts
Silver TrophyRecord Collector
Collect all the Records
Silver TrophyMonster Hunter I
Defeat the Forest Power Spring
Silver TrophyMonster Hunter II
Defeat the City Power Spring
Silver TrophyMonster Hunter III
Defeat the Mountain Power Spring
Silver TrophyArchivist
Find all the Trinkets
Silver TrophyMuscle Man
Find all the Power Upgrades
Silver TrophyOn a Roll
Find all the Luck Upgrades
Silver TrophyFit as a Fiddle
Find all the Health Upgrades
Bronze TrophyRoadie
Destroy 5 Decibel Concerts
Bronze TrophyOpening Act
Destroy 10 Decibel Concerts
Bronze TrophyOmni-Guard
Find the Omni-Guard
Bronze TrophyRoad Trip
Fast travel using the Rust Bucket
Bronze TrophyHero of the People
Complete your first Side Mission
Bronze TrophySuper Ben
Save all the citizens from monsters.
Bronze TrophyRoad to Ruin
Defeat your first Void Ruin
Bronze TrophyKing of the Scoots
Complete all the Scooter Challenges.
Bronze TrophyGetting Stronger
Choose your first upgrade