Best Throw Tricks And Guide To Catch Kyogre In Pokemon GO

Niantic just released the Legendary Kyogre in Pokemon Go that trainers can catch after a successful Raid Battles in the game. Kyagro is scheduled to disappear on February 14, 2018 at exactly 1:00 PM PST or 4:00 PM EST so make sure to catch it before it was gone.

Unlike the previous legendary release, catching Kyogre is far more difficult and tricky. Yes, using counters to Kyogre and feeding berries might help you get it but what will give you problem is actually hitting it. Here, we give you the best throws tricks to successfully increase the odds of capturing Kyogre.

How To Get An Excellent Throws On Kyogre

Before we start, please be reminded that this method may still not guarantee to catch Kyogre. There are lots of other reasons if you failed to get one. Here we go:

  1. Locking the excellent circle, which is smaller than Groudon’s.
  2. Kyogre goes right and left and then comes closer to you, which makes it harder to catch. So, to put Kyogre back in the middle, turn on AR and then immediately turn it off and wait for the “attack.”
  3. Don’t risk throwing a PokeBall when Kyogre goes right or left because you’ll most probably miss.
  4. Initiate the spin and throw on either the lower left or right corner (Spinning: anti-clockwise for left, clockwise for right), at around 60 degrees, release your hand at the middle of the opposite side (nearly on the edge, or just right on the edge)
  5. This technique requires a lot of practicing and more precision than throwing excellent Ball on Groudon.

Like what I’ve said, there are lots of things that affect the catch rate of Kyogre. Aside from the throw success rate, berries also increase its catch rate. Here is the increase rate result when feeding berries to Kyogre:

  • No Berry – Normal (2%), Nice (2.3%), Great (3%), Excellent (3.7%)
  • No Berry Curveball – Normal (3.4%), Nice (3.91%), Great (5.1%), Excellent (6.29%)
  • Razz Berry – Normal (3%), Nice (3.45%), Great (4.5%), Excellent (5.55%)
  • Razz Curveball – Normal (5.10%), Nice (5.87%), Great (6.29%), Excellent (7.65%)
  • Golden Razz Berry – Normal (5%), Nice (5.75%), Great (7.5%), Excellent (9.25%)
  • Golden Razz Curveball – Normal (8.5%), Nice (9.78%), Great (12.75%), Excellent (15.73%)

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