BitLife Bad Santa Challenge

BitLife – How to Complete the Bad Santa Challenge

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas season, Candywriter has released the newest update for BitLife. This update has been accompanied by the new BitLife challenge called Bad Santa Challenge.

If you’re one of the BitLife players who is wondering how to complete this new challenge, make sure to follow the steps below.

BitLife Bad Santa Challenge

How to Complete Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

This challenge only requires players to complete 6 tasks. Here is the naughty list that you need to meet to complete the Bad Santa Challenge.

  • Be a male
  • Become Santa
  • Be depressed
  • Burgle 10 homes
  • Shoplift 10 items
  • Tell a child that Santa isn’t real

The required tasks are self-explanatory except for on becoming a Santa. For those who are wondering on how to become a Santa in BitLife, here’s how to do it.

According to Riot Bits, your character needs to be a 65-year-old male. Once you already aged your character, you need to apply for a Santa part-time job. You can do this by opening the Occupation tab and search for the Santa job under Part-time section.

If you’ve been playing BitLife for a while now, the rest of the challenges are pretty simple. Please note that you need to become a Santa first before continuing with the remaining challenges such as burgling, shoplifting, and most of all, before telling a child that Santa is not real.

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