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Black Clover Chapter 251 Spoilers, Discussion, and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 251 is fast approaching and after witnessing the overwhelming power of Charmy, fans are now eager to know what will happen next. The previous chapter surely give fans an epic moments after seeing Charmy’s strength. Are we going to see it again in the next few chapters?

In this manga guide, we will be sharing you everything that we know about that upcoming Black Clover Chapter 251. Continue reading to know when will be the release date of the new chapter and where to read it online for free. Before we proceed, be reminded that this article may contain spoilers for the new chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 251 Release Date

Despite the on-going virus outbreak around the world, Black Clover fans are lucky as the manga series seems not to be affected. Unlike the popular One Piece manga that has been put on hiatus for a week, Yuki Tabata’s manga is still getting a new chapter every week.

That being said, if everything goes smoothly for Black Clover this week, Asta fans will be able to read Black Clover Chapter 251 on Sunday, May 24th. The new chapter is usually released before midnight so make sure that your eyes are still up if you want to be the first to read the new manga chapter.

Read Black Clover Chapter 251 Online

You can read the latest Black Clover manga from the official distributors such as Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz Media. These two networks are offering free access to the latest three chapters of the manga series. In case you missed to read some of the previous chapters and want to catch up before reading Chapter 251, you need to be a premium subscriber.

Black Clover Chapter 251 Spoilers and Discussion

After seeing the epic fight between Charmy and Halbet in the Polnfrume Forest of the Heart Kingdom, there’s a chance that the next chapter will introduce another fight against the enemies.

But before heading to the next battle, the odds of seeing Charmy again in the next chapter is bigger. I believe that we might be seeing Charmy’s lineage and how she managed to acquire such power.

Speaking of another fight, we might be seeing Noelle and Lolopechka facing Venica in Chapter 251. As we all know, there’s still an unsettled things between. The new chapter may warm up the future fight between the heroes and villains.

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