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One Piece Chapter 975 Spoilers, Predictions, and Release Date

One Piece Wano Arc continues to the current timeline as Kozuki Oden’s flashback has ended. With the last spreads of the previous chapter, fans are now excited to read One Piece Chapter 975 and see the trio reunite.

Things are getting smoothly for Kanjuro and his betrayal when something unexpected happened. Luffy, Law, and Kid suddenly appeared out of nowhere, leaving Kanjuro shocked and clueless. It is clear that Kanjuro has no idea how things happened, knowing that he’s the spy while being trusted in the group.

While the appearance of the three captains gives hope to Kinemon and the others, the young leader is still in danger. As you can see, Kanjuro Momonuske is still in Kanjuro’s hand as a hostage and things may get worse when they try to take him.

One Piece manga is usually getting spoilers before the official chapter releases. But as of writing, we still don’t have any details of the leaked One Piece Chapter 975 spoilers. However, that doesn’t stop us and the One Piece community to predict the possible events that may happen in the next chapter.

With the arrival of the trio in the middle of the sea, one of the most obvious things that they will do is sink down all the ships that are attacking the Nine Scabbards. After clearing up the enemies, Luffy will likely go back to the shore and take Momonuske from Kanjuro.

The traitor of Wano country did a perfect job pretending to be an ally. Showing that he fooled all of the members of the Nine Red Scabbards with his devil fruit, it’s likely that Kanjuro has a chance to stand against the other members.

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