Dr. Stone Chapter 188

Dr. Stone Chapter 188: Tsukasa and Hyoga’s Tragic Fate

Dr. Stone manga creator Riichiro Inagaki has returned with a new thrilling action in the latest chapter of the series. As the restoration of humanity continues, Dr. Stone Chapter 188 sees the two strongest warriors of the Kingdom of Sciences being wounded.

Manga chapter 188 of Dr. Stone features the fight against Stanley’s soldiers equipped with high-end weapons. Unlike the Kingdom of Science who doesn’t have any intent on killing, Xeno’s subordinates seem to follow a different path.

Dr. Stone Chapter 188

Dr. Stone Chapter 188 titled “What I Once Sought to Destroy” has been officially released on March 7, 2021. You can read the full manga chapter from the official manga distributors such as Viz and Manga Plus.

Tsukasa vs Maya

The chapter starts with Kohaku, Tsukasa, and Hyoga facing the forces of Stanley. The three got their own match but it starts with Tsukasa fighting Maya, one of the strongest female warrior sent by Stanley.

Stanley’s subordinate recognized that they are fighting the MMA champ from Japan, which is Tsukasa. Maya got excited upon hearing what his comrades said and immediately launched an attack towards Tsukasa. However, she was easily defeated by Tsukasa with just a single punch.

Bullet Hits Tsukasa and Hyoga

Following the defeat of Maya, a loud gunshot was heard and Tsukasa was seen falling on the ground with a wound on his chest. Kohaku and Hyuga were shocked and immediately turned their attention to their comrade.

Shortly after, the enemy fired another shot that hits Hyoga. Upon witnessing the downfall of the two strongest warriors of the Kingdom of Science, Kohaku was seen destroying the rifle in front of her.

Tsukasa Leaving Everything to Senku

Just before finally losing his consciousness, Tsukasa acknowledged the effort and abilities of Kohaku and Hyuga. He also remembered the time how Senku healed him and his sister, Mirai.

“What I once sought to destroy has become a shining star of hope”, Tsukasa said. “I leave the rest to you, Senku”, Tsukasa added as his last words in the 188th chapter of Dr. Stone manga series.

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